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The Denver metropolitan area is split between four graticules at latitude 39 and 40, longitude -104 and -105:

This page is going to try to keep information on all four and coordinate efforts to reach them. Our goal is two-fold. First, arrange, coordinate and participate in Saturday meets, and second, try and get someone to reach the hot spots on all the other weekdays, so as to conquer the graticules. With enough people and interest, (which being a hiking state, we should be able to generate interest) we could set records and compete with other graticules around the world.

If you plan on actively seeking locations in these graticules, sign the participants section so we know who is out there. Also, please include where you're from so we can arrange carpooling.

We also have a Facebook group: Geohash-Denver.

Note: For a larger turnout, the 1st Saturday of the month is considered the primary Saturday, in an effort to get more people to a location and reduce burnout.


Ben Atkin Boulder
Magic Smoothie (Fort Collins)
Damien and Leah (if the location is near Boulder... gas is expensive)
Jessica (if the location is near Ft. Collins... ditto)
Michael (in Littleton for the summer; can travel semi-long distances)
Mario [Broomfield] - Work in Boulder
Jeff (Colorado Springs. Willing to give anyone a ride up to Denver area)
Ryan (Fort Collins/Northern Colorado but willing to travel.)
Brian (Westminster/Broomfield, pretty centrally located)
Chrisman (City Park, Denver)
Erik (Near Fort Collins - my only wheeled transportation is a bike.)
Jon (Boulder-Broomfield - Can't travel far, only have a bike.)
Tom (Boulder - I was holding out since I'm limited by RTD and my feet, but I got one now!)
Doug (Inverness/SE Denver)
Michael (Fairly central - Superior, just outside of Boulder, but can't go often)
Jaeger (Longmont)
Mike (Golden)
Ilya (Fort Collins - only bike)
David (Highlands Ranch, and willing to travel, but I often work on Saturdays.)
Rich (Lakewood, interested and doesn't mind distance driving if the times work out)
Matt (Fort Collins)
Celeste (Fort Collins- generally only have transport by bike)
Donut (Boulder/Longmont area with a car. Willing to help drive if participants can pitch in for gas and it's not way the hell out there)
Karmen (Arvada/Westminster area)
Colin (Denver, but technically the southeast graticule)
Ian (Englewood- willing to drive, but must bring my daughter on saturdays)
Renee (Fort Collins)
Heather (Golden, would love to carpool, but can drive too!)
Chris (Boulder, biking or driving (no dirt roads in my car) using the graticule that renders the nearest and/or most accessible point for that day, unless someone wants to split gas for a longer adventure!)
Joe (Humble Longmont-folk, has a car and would be willing to carpool... but will probably be going with Donut most of the time.)
Will (Live in Aurora) - Unfortunately, I currently work Saturdays, so if you get me a better job, I can come hang out at the weekly meetups. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it to some.
Steven (Boulder)
Isaac (Thornton)
Seth (Fort Collins, by bike)
Emily (in Denver loves to drive and roadtrip - Can't wait!)(Carpool someone with a GPS?)
David (Golden - Bike, carpool-passenger and once-in-a-blue-moon-borrow-my-friends-car)
Paksen (NE Denver)
Connor (Golden, glad to drive)
Janna, Fort Collins, has a car & happy to drive people.
Hilary (Fort Collins) Usually busy Saturdays, but willing to carpool if available. Can drive, have access to 12 passenger van!
Ben (Fort Collins) - I work Saturdays until 4p, have car, will travel, and take you with.
Kaiti Boulder, has a car, will be pleased to drive if you pitch a bit for gas.
Mike {Lakewood, bike/your vehicle)
Emerald (Aurora, happy to drive if people can pitch gas money -- don't own a GPS, though.)
Zach (Fort Collins, only a bike to get around)
Charles (Fort Collins; only a bike to get around, will chip in for gas)
Will (Westminster, and I have most Saturdays off so I'm down for wherever! No GPS but got a car and happy to drive.)
Andrew and Rachel (SE Denver, can drive for gas sharing)
Tony (Boulder, could drive - more likely to bike anywhere within 20 miles)
Ksilebo (Live in Longmont, work in Broomfield) Have in-car GPS as well as a couple other GPS devices, willing to drive if willing to pitch in for gas.
Eric (Denver East, have a car but no GPS, up for most saturdays at 4pm)
Pete (Fort Collins, Has car but prefers the bike)
Saber - Saber - Littleton/Englewood/South Denver - Can drive etc... Have iPhone, so almost a GPS
Kentwalker (Golden) - I have a hire car, willing to drive.
Hoozer[1] - (Fort Collins, I have a car and a gps, ready for some MNIMB geohashes)
Nickersonm (Boulder/CU) - Bike only.
Topbun/Luke (Boulder/CU)
Bobert (Northern Colorado). Let's hash some geos some Saturday!

News 2013


Coordinates for the Denver West graticule were just outside Roxborough State Park. Sylae made the attempt, but found a locked gate. Details.

News 2012


I'm going for today's point in the Fort Collins graticule, and I hope to see some other folks there! -- Squenes


Denver West graticule hash is a few miles NE of Fraser, CO. Topbun visited the site.


First successful geohash for me, in the Denver West graticule. --Topbun (Luke)


Fort Collins graticule. Squenes attempted to reach the coordinates. Details here.


I went on my first geohash in the Fort Collins graticule. I hope to meet some other northern Colorado geohashers in the future! --Squenes


A puppet geohash has revived the Denver graticules! Jud and Talia were asked by MayorOfBoxTown, their college friend, to visit the 2012-03-17 39 -105 geohash, which was only a mile or so from their house!

News 2011


Near Golden today. This was a short drive away. Ideal spot for a geo-hash in a park very near a bench. I expected to see some people as this is my first geo-hash. Will try again.


Denver East coordinates are in a parking lot, about 104th and York. AkiTensai reached the hash.


Hash for Denver West graticule is near Blunn Reservoir, in an area with trails. AkiTensai went hiking to reach the hash.


The Denver East graticule's hashpoint is in Barr Lake, but near the shore. AkiTensai visited the state park around the lake, but didn't reach the actual coordinates.


Denver East graticule hash is in a backyard near Washington and 80th. AkiTensai got within 117ft of the hash, but was denied entry. Details.


Greeley graticule hash is near Co Rd 19 and Co Rd 38, about 5 miles from I-25. AkiTensai, JediMaster, and Stringgeek attempted to reach it. Details.


Today's is walking distance from my house, and on public land. going for it after dinner. -Joel.

News 2010


Hash for Denver West graticule is in an industrial area in Arvada. Chrisman had a cold, but snow-free ride to the coordinates.


Denver East graticule hash is in an oil field right off Colorado Blvd and E-470. Chrisman bicycled about 45 miles to reach the hash.


Today's Denver East coords are right in the middle of Denver. Right, in fact, in the middle of my bicycle commute. I'll be hitting it tonight! Chrisman


Hoozer visited the Greeley hashpoint today. Not much of an expedition because he was in the area, but it was fun to geohash again. Details


Today's Denver West hash is at Ken Caryl Ranch, just off C-470. Ralph and his dogs went for a hike to reach the hash.


Coordinates for the Denver West graticule are just off the shore of Cheesman Reservoir, in Pike National Forest. Ralph and Erin visited the area, but there were no trespassing signs. Details.


Denver East graticule hash is in a field in Centennial. Ralph took his dogs to play at the hash.


Lots of reachable ones this weekend. Today (Friday) the Denver West point looks easily reachable right off the Golden Gate Canyon road, Saturday's is on the Clear Creek Canyon road or the Fort Collins point is in Heil Ranch. Monday's Denver West is off Hy 285 down South or the Denver East is not too far from some 4x4 roads in Rampart.


Planning on hitting today's Denver East coords. Right in the middle of Denver! Chrisman


Today's Greeley coordinates were reached by Cedar Myers


Today's Denver West coords are gettable. ~25 mile bike ride, round trip. I'm going for it. --Chrisman 14:22, 2 April 2010 (UTC)


Denver East hash is in a soccer field in Lowry. Beanmj bicyled to the hash.


Sunday's Greeley geohash is near Sligo Cemetery, worth the trip if you like wide-open spaces and old cemeteries. Also nearby is the semi-ghost town of Keota and Pawnee Buttes. -Joel.


Going to have a go at this one, the Greeley graticule North of the grasslands. It might be on leased or private land but it'll be interesting to see. I'm spending the day in the area so not sure when I might try to achieve the spot, possibly 1:00pm or so. I'll be in a dark red 4runner. -Joel.

News 2009


The hash for the Denver West graticule is approximately 0.2 miles SE of the summit of Mt. Pendleton. Beanmj and his friend Nate scaled the mountain to successfully reach the hash.


Today's Denver West graticule coordinates are on a driveway in Wheat Ridge. Chrisman visited the coordinates.


Today's is at Boulder Mountain Park. Should be easy. I'm planning to go at 4:00PM. Get on the facebook group to coordinate! Geohash-Denver -Ben Atkin


I'm going to do the Denver West graticule out in Broomfield. It's 5:30 now and I'm in Boulder, so it will likely be dark by the time I get there! Ben Atkin


Anyone else want to come to the 39 -105 hash point? Should be a relatively easy hike. We're planning to be there in the afternoon. See the planning page for details. -Cedar

Cedar earned the Like a Virgin Geohash Achievement
by reactivating the inactive Denver graticules at (39, -105) geohash on 2009-09-07.


Denver East graticule hash is on vacant land, just off Tower Rd. Cedar visited the spot after work.


Fort Collins graticule hash is out in the forest. Cedar hiked to the spot. Details here.


Denver West coordinates are next to a lake in Arvada, CO. Cedar tried to visit the point, but all approaches were posted no trespassing. Details.


The Denver East hash is in Toepfer Park, in the southern suburbs of Denver. Cedar and family visited the spot for a picnic.


In the Fort Collins graticule, Cedar reached the highest elevation successful hash to date at 3243m elevation. Details.


The hash location for Sunday, August 2, is in Horsetooth Mountain Park west of Fort Collins, very close to Horsetooth Falls. It's an easy and scenic ~1.5 mile hike in from the trailhead. Any interest? -- Seth


Questions: Is anyone really still watching this? And if so, anybody want to get things going again, now that remote mountain areas are becoming more accessible? I might be up for a meetup this saturday, of course depending on location! - Rich --Booger 15:54, 13 May 2009 (UTC)


Today's Denver East hash is appropriately located in the infield of a school(?) baseball field in Thornton. North of 88th and York. If you are trying to hit all the Denver graticules this is a pretty easy Denver East one. Also as the Rockies home opener is today it's appropriate. -Joel.


Pi Day GeoHash! I'm not sure if I'll make it to the location at 4 pm, but if anyone else is going to be in Fort Collins, I'm having a Pi Day party starting around 4:30/5. Email me if interested- (Northwest Fort Collins)- Hilary


I'm cycling out to near the Greeley Sunday geohash, just west of I-25 north of Timnath, and should arrive a little before 4 p.m. It looks like it's be a "No Trespassing" Geohash, but I should be able to get within about 200 ft. -- Seth

As advertised; brief account at 2009-03-08 40 -104. -- Seth


The Denver West hash is in the middle of Boulder, on the side of a residential road just off Baseline.
Reached by Nickersonm via bike. Picture - Nickersonm


The Denver East hash is in Wash Park today, in an alley a couple blocks South of Alameda.


I attempted to get today's Fort Collins geohash, but the road into the National Forest had a private section. Details - Hoozer


I'm planning on hitting today's Fort Collins geohash after grabbing some lunch at Sri Thai. It's up near Mishawaka. I'll probably be there around 2:30 or so. - Janna

5 pm - Both Seth and I made today's. Click for details and photos. - Janna

I also achieved today's Fort Collins geohash. - Hoozer

News 2008


Fort Collins achieved just north of Downtown Fort Collins: 2008-12-27 40 -105. -- Seth


Today's Denver East graticule is easy to drop by while you are out and about, not far from I25 and University! I will try to see it on my way to eat lots of turkey and arroz con pollo. -Joel.
Very easy indeed, its in the North West corner of South High School's Dirt Parking lot. I was there yesterday and scratched an xkcd into the gravel. Hopefully will have a chance to return today. -Pete.


Saturday's Fort Collins graticule is a few hundred meters from easy parking west of Boulder. Jaeger plans to attend.


Denver East for today looks fun, it's in a park and just off some main roads, not far from 225. I might swing by around 6pm! -Eric

Denver West is on the flank of Loveland Pass. I might swing by in the moonlight. - DC

I went to (toward) the Denver West point at 11:30am and there were some tracks that seemed to indicate I was not the first person there. I did not want to risk the climb on my own so I turned back at the rocky and snowy decent to the creek, perhaps where the earlier person also did. Cool spot. -Joel.


Jaeger visited the Fort Collins Graticule geohash.


Today's Fort Collins geohash is in a really interesting area I've wanted to explore for some time. Near Halligan reservoir off 287, NW of Ft. Fun. There are numerous jeep trails in the area and lots of interesting bluffs. I'm thinking of having a beverage in Ft. Fun and heading that way later on to enjoy the evening twilight. Will advise. -Joel.


Saturday's Denver East location appears to be in the parking lot of an Events/Catering place near Centennial airport. I wonder if there is a wedding there at that time? -Joel.

--There was -J

13065 E Briarwood Ave Englewood, CO 80112


Inadvertently drove less than 50 feet from today's Greeley geohash today, while dropping someone off at the FC-Loveland airport. Didn't realize it was today's geohash until just now! Is there such a thing as a retrospect geohash? -Janna


Today's Denver West seems to be in the parking lot of Westminster Mall, I wonder if anyone is parked there?


This weekend is an easy one for anyone headed up I-70 into the mountains. Looks like you can drive thru the spot, in the westbound direction on the edge of the shoulder, 2 or 3 miles west of El Rancho. A chance to get your Speed Racer Achievement! Hmm - what is the "maximum (legal) speed" on the shoulder? I hope it isn't very fast.... --Nealmcb 16:03, 29 August 2008 (UTC)


Well this will be the last Denver Geohash for me. I will be returning back to Florida and possibly start up the Daytona Beach one there. It's been a blast going to the ones that were doable for me and meeting everyone. It's been a great time and I hope to see some future hashes here! I'll be going to the Fort Collins graticule's point on Saturday around 3:00pm with my brother. Don't think I'll bring cookies, but you never know. -Michael


Today's Denver West location is two miles from my house, the closest one to me I am aware of. Since I don't actually live in the Denver West graticule maybe that doesn't count for anything. Easy for me to get to via bike/bus or feet though. It's actually in someone's yard so I might not get to the exact spot. -Joel.


Today, we have a possible Cubicle_Geohash! The Denver West point for Friday the 25th is on Alameda Pkwy, exactly at the entrance to the parking lot for the visitor's center for Dinosaur Ridge. While this is not an organization that I work for, my dad is an active volunteer for them. I don't have much free time today, but it may actually be possible to drag him out to the point and take pictures. Then the discussion will ensue as to whether it qualifies for the achievement, since it's not on the building itself, and also since he's not a paid employee of the organization, only a volunteer. Story at 11! - Rich --Booger 13:58, 25 July 2008 (UTC)

That's pretty sweet. Too bad Saturday's doesn't look so hot again. -Michael
I disagree on Saturday, looks cool! Fort Collins is near a road/trail between N. St Vrain and US34, not sure if it is accessible though, there are some reservoirs and dams in the area. Denver West is reachable by Forest Service road and is not too far from the excellent Hog Heaven BBQ in Bailey or the famous Buck Snort Saloon in Pine. -Joel.
-update- I'm heading to the Denver West point and can ferry a couple-three people in from Buffalo Creek. Headed to the Bucksnort afterwards for some food. Post if you want to meet up. -Joel


Interesting weekend. The Fort Collins Graticule is near Lake Granby, but appears to be smack on a road in a subdivision so if it's not gated it'd be possible to reach the exact spot without getting out of the car. Greeley seems to be just off a farmer's driveway in Fort Lupton. Denver East is in a green space between a hiking/biking trail and a railroad track NW of Monument. Denver West is in some trees off of a road near Garo, CO (a few miles SSE of Fairplay.)

If you felt like going to Cheyenne, that one looks feasible too. I'm not sure what I'm up for, I did a lot of driving last weekend.


They all appear to suffer from a serious case of the "middle-of-nowhere"-s. -david
Yeah, I think I'm going to go adventure to the movie theater and see Batman instead. =\ -Michael


Do any of these look good at all? Denver West seems to be on private property, but who knows. Fort Collins is a little to the left of a big park way North. Perhaps we should suggest an alternative place to meet up in case this doesn't seem too feasible? -Michael

The Fort Collins location is up Rist Canyon about 5 miles west of Bellvue, not too far outside Fort Collins. The site itself appears to be about 700 feet off a dirt road that runs along a creek. The side of the road opposite the hash appears to be designated as Roosevelt National Forest land, and the road itself seems accessible. However, based on the satellite imagery, it looks like there may be a gate at the turnoff for the road, and Larimer County's maps do indicate that it's on private property (but there are no residences on this parcel, and it appears to be unfenced "grazing land"). -- Seth
I think you're right about Denver West being on private property. good looking area, but probably not worth trying. and as for Fort Collins, the fact that it's not actually in the park territory suggests to me that it may well also be on private land. An alternate point seems like a good idea, and so I would suggest starting from here, at what appears to be a trailhead for the mt falcon open space. with that said, i will be in pueblo all tomorrow and unable to attend -- 15:32, 11 July 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, after a little more checking, it appears that the whole set of parcels along that road (Spiritwood Ln) are owned by the same entity, and there's a set of structures and a residence there. It looks like a bunch of grazing land parcels with a single caretaker's residence. Probably not very viable.
So I the original coordinates for the Fort Collins graticule were 40.612896° N, -105.260492 W ... but I noticed that the decimal portions both began and ended with the same digit. What if we reversed both of them, for loc: 40.698216,-105.294062 ('cause just *picking* a site without some randomness seems wrong). It's up the Poudre Canyon, near Poudre Park, on public land, a little south of Greyrock Mountain. And wouldn't ya know, according to this map, it appears to be almost next to the Greyrock Summit Trail. I've suggested it as an alternative location for Saturday on the map. -- Seth
Maybe we should just hit a nearby restaurant. Or better yet, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! -Michael


Wednesday's Fort Collins location is located within what appears to be a vacant lot in the Dry Creek Minor subdivision just north of the old Downtown Fort Collins airport. Google's street view seems to show that the structures have been cleared from that subdivision (possible redevelopment?), so I don't know what's going to be there, but I plan on swinging by at 4p; I'll be riding up to the location from CSU by bike. -- Seth

The Fort Collins geohash site itself was inaccessible. Report at 2008-07-09 40 -105. -- Sethant 02:50, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

I might be able to get up to the Fort Collins location, it's a few miles from work, and I'm off at 4p... -ben

Wow, the Denver East graticule for today is only a few miles from my house. I may have to swing by. -Michael


Sunday's Denver East location seems to be next to a power substation off Hamden in Aurora. I'm going to S Denver this AM so I might drop by the spot, it looks like it is on substation property but I cannot see a fence. -Joel.

Update - The spot can be reached through a gap in the fence. I left a shiny object.

The Fort Collins location is up on LCR-27, also known as Foggy Park Road. -ben


Saturday's graticule is up! This is technically supposed to be a big one, but with it being the 4th, not many will probably show up. So we should probably consider the 12th be our big day. That being said, for those participants eager to do Saturday's (the 5th), please state your point of interest. For me, it's the Denver East one although I'm not sure if those little roads are private property or not. The point is just a little north of Colorado Springs and seems to be a good road trip destination. If someone wants to carpool, I'm game. -Michael

A friend and I are going to try for the Trail Ridge Road location in RMNP(Fort Collins)-Hilary

Update - I don't know if this counts, but I drove by the Denver East point on Friday (I had a gig in Fairplay) and then a friend and I "hiked" the Tundra Trail in RMNP(as close as we could get) around 5pm Saturday. Thanks xkcd for getting us to RMNP, which I hadn't done before!!!(ps- if anyone is going to RMNP through July 11th, I still have my pass into the park.($20))-Hilary

RMNP would be awesome, but I'm not off work until 4pm. My roommate would likely love to go, considering he's from Granby and Trail Ridge Road is like his vehicular muse. I'm assuming it would take at least two hours to get to RMNP (Google says 2 hours, 39 minutes) -ben


The Fort Collins graticule geohash for July 4 is located very close to a trailhead along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's the Tundra Communities trailhead, and departing from the trail is prohibited (to avoid damaging the tundra), but it looks like a great destination. -- Seth


The Fort Collins graticule is located right off what I believe are the BNSF railroad tracks between Fort Collins and Wellington (about two miles north of the Budweiser plant). It looks like the weather is nice, so I'm going to bike out and aim to arrive a little before 4. -- Seth

Accomplished my first geohash: 2008-07-03 40 -105! -- Seth

The Denver West graticule would be fun for a golfer, being right in the Englewood Golf Course.  :-) It looks like the new part of the course is completed, which is where the coordinate falls. I just discovered this site last night, and it may lead me to invest in a GPS device. Take care, Josh.

Headline text

Significant Dates

August 2nd

These coordinates will be available at 7:30am MDT on Friday, August 1st.

  • Fort Collins -
  • Greeley -
  • Denver West -
  • Denver East -


  • Fort Collins -
  • Greeley -
  • Denver West -
  • Denver East -


Lets organize any carpooling here. If you are willing to drive, and are alright with carpooling, please list how many people you can list, expected gas cost to be split, how many people can fit in your car and whether your car is smoking or non-smoking. If you need a ride, just list your location.


Name Passengers Gas Split
Kentwalker 4 seats, 1-2 in the hatchback Tip based (Not required, but nice)
Your Name Here


  • Your Name Here


  • Formed carpools here

Theme for Saturday

Old News


The 6/28 geohash has been updated! Remember to put in Saturday's date! Looks like the Denver West or Fort Collins graticule might be best. I'm down for an extra long roadtrip on Saturday if anyone wants to tag along with southern/central Denver! BOOM DE YADA! -Michael

Being in the Lakewood area, I tend to aim for the Denver West graticule. Saturday's point actually appears to fall maybe 20m off a hiking trail outside evergreen, with a parking lot within about half a mile. parking lot is here, that will be the best meetup point. As for the rest, Northwest is of course more accessible for Fort Collins folk, but it's got a bit of a case of the middle-of-nowheres. there's a road that goes a bit towards it, but ends at a building, so is probably private. Greeley and Denver East are, as usual, on boring, flat, private farmland. --Booger 15:28, 27 June 2008 (UTC) (Rich)

I would be fine to meet up in Evergreen. Do we meet at the parking lot at 4pm tomorrow? -Emily

What parking lot are you talking about? I think I'll do the Evergreen tomorrow. Usually we meet up earlier so that we can hike to the point and reach it at 4:00pm. On the actual tool, if you click and drag the pointer, you can suggest a proposed meetup location if we want to meet and hike. People can vote on the proposed one, and generally the one with the most votes wins. - Michael

That parking lot on stagecoach looks like the place to meet, the trail goes up from there. Marked it. -Joel.

What time? 3:30pmish? I'll bring cookies again? Any requests? -Michael
I will definitely be attempting to attend this one! Looks like it'll be nice and scenic. -David
3:30pm is a great time to meet in the parking lot. I'll be coming from Golden (getting a refreshing pint at the GCB) and then going to South Denver afterwards so that might not help anyone with a ride. Golden City at 2:00 if you're up for a pint first. -Joel.

I was planning on geocaching Elk Meadows on Saturday anyway. However it'll be in the AM. Does that still count? -Paksen

Sure. Try to get a picture of you by the point and get it posted in the point page, once someone gets it running. -Michael

Does anyone want a ride from Southern Denver? I'm in the Littleton area and don't mind carpooling (I can seat one extra comfortably), Aim-Rocketman1882 -Micahel

Page up; please add actual photography and not just my terrible stabs as well as additional commentary: 2008-06-28 39 -105 -David


I've been investigating the Denver West location for Saturday, and I think it may actually be doable. It's west of Eldora and Nederland just off the Fourth of July Road. Apparently the road usually opens in June to early July, but may be plowed if snow is late in melting (link). When dry, it is passable to a carefully driven passenger car (same link). The road passes closest to the spot at roughly 3.3 miles west of the town of Eldora. Apparently at about 4 miles, there is a parking area and trailhead (different link) that may be a good place to leave the cars and hike back to the spot from.

As for other locations: Fort Collins is up on the Wyoming border, but none of the trails around are labeled, and without a name, I can't find out what kind of surfaces we're talking about, or even whether they're open to vehicles. Greeley looks like it would be interesting and doable, not far off a road, but it's still up on the Wyoming border. Too far north for my day. Denver East is in a field of crops east of Brighton. Probably private, definitely boring.

With that said, I may or may not be available Saturday, depending on how long it takes me to figure out how to replace a CV axle :) - Rich
I'm not so sure I'll want to do this one. I don't like driving up in the mountains with a truck (remember I'm from an area where a hill is a rarity) so I don't know. It's also really far away... -Michael
I was just up there on Monday Afternoon, I drove up to 4th of July Trailhead to check it out. The location is actually just up the hillside on the other side of the creek (Middle Boulder Creek) that runs along 4th of July Road. The creek is flowing rather a lot right now and crossing it might be interesting. The dirt road is passable by passenger car, a bit rough though and plenty of rocks to avoid or straddle. Another issue is that there is no parking allowed along the 4th of July road and on a Saturday that is likely to be enforced. The location might be on private land, probably is, might or might not be posted. The trick would be finding a way to ford the creek and getting to the spot along the hillside, after either parking up at 4th of July and walking a couple miles down or parking at a lower trailhead and walking up. Another option might be to park on FR505 if it's open now or walking in from Caribou. It might be a shorter or at least more pleasant hike. FR505 goes over Klondike Mountain to the East. It was closed on Monday but should be open for the summer... which is today? -Joel.

so uh, did anyone make it up there? i was working on my car all afternoon and wasn't able to go up --Booger 16:46, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

Yup, three of us made it up just at 4! We just walked up 4th of July road and crossed the creek. It was quite fast and cold but fun. Left a little cairn at the spot. - Paul (Boulder)


The Greeley location is on the southwest corner of the intersection of Custer St. and Stoney Ave in Grover, Colorado, a small plains town. Too far out of the way for me, but easy enough to find. :) -- Seth


The Denver East location today is just off a runway inside DIA, if anyone's able to go for a Restricted_Area_Geohash --Booger 15:20, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Hah, using my airport and Boeing clearance (if I even have it still) would probably get me fired. No thanks. :P -Michael
I'm driving to DIA to pick someone up, but I can't get there. I'll be close though.... -Mario


The southeast graticule is just south of Parker, if anyone else is interested.
Big News!!! The statistics have been updated (but the records have not). Out of the 26 days this event has been going on, we have completed 8 geohashings (in 7 days).

  • Take a look here. -Mike


Another "BIG" Saturday. Please read.


Looks like there is a really good point in today's southwest graticule. Rather close to boulder in westish Hertz Denver. Anyone able to stop by? -Michael


Big saturday! Extra extra, read all about it!


So I got to the Denver West graticule's point, around Dillon Rd. & 96th in Broomfield. No camera, so no proof, but at 8am I left a piece of paper under some scrap metal so it won't blow away, just in case someone else came by... guess not. :( -Mario


Veni, vidi, frisbee. Writeup!


Another geohash success! Here's the trip report of the journey in the Denver West graticule.


The report is in! Here's a detailed trip report of the day's activities.


May 24 - Snow!

What I love about that group picture is the genuine smiles... that joke timing was perfect. -Mario
Many of us made it to the Saturday geohash point in the Fort Collins graticule and we earned 4 Achievements! Full write-up available.

First Arrival!

Looks like we have pictures of our first arrival in the Denver West graticule. I do believe we are definitely one of the first. Lets get this arrival out on the main page. Good job. If we can hit a spot tomorrow as well, we'll have our first streak. The arrival article is here.

- Here's an expedition to the 05-22-08 Fort Collins graticule.


Fourteen geohashers signed up makes us tied for number 2 out of 200+ (at current count) in activity. Woot. Ahead of us is Boston and we are tied with Baltimore. We were previously (5/21) tied for third with Seattle, but have pulled ahead. Lets sign a few more people up and pull into the lead.

If anyone manages to meander over to a hot spot this week, let us know here. Pictures a must! Other than that, I guess we'll wait until Friday morning, which is when we'll know where the Saturday hot spots are.

5/22's coordinate is located in the northeastern part of each graticule, thus making the Southwest coordinate probably the easiest to get to. It looks like it's on a street in some residential area. Pictures anyone? Akedrou visited the Denver West graticule point. Details are here. The-r-gonaut tried to reach the Fort Collins graticule point, but there was no public access. Details here.


Fort Collins

The Fort Collins graticule at 40, -105 conveniently has around 15% of the land is either Rocky Mountain National Park or Roosevelt National Forest, unfortunately, many of the locations though are far from civilization. Included in the Fort Collins graticule are Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and others as well as both CU and CSU.

May 21st, 40.179467°, -105.861537°

  • Today's hot spot for the Fort Collins graticule is in Lake Granby in the Rocky Mountain National Park. This is the first location we've received. It is fairly close to roads and not very far from the shore. Unfortunately it is far to the west, away from most of the cities. Perhaps if someone is close they can find their way out there and get a picture or two to launch our Graticule conquering campaign. Since it is so far west, many people might find it easier to get to the destination of the Greeley graticule.
  • Lake Granby as well as the nearby town of Granby is named after a lawyer who worked as district attorney in the county. The city of Granby (the closest city to the destination point) is best known for Marvin Heemeyer. Marvin was frustrated over a city zoning dispute in 2004, so he built his own tank and with it demolished town hall and a former judge's widow's home, as well as other buildings. 13 buildings were destroyed for an estimated $7 million in damage. Some people say that Marvin went out of his way not to hurt people, but the question isn't decided. In the end, Marvin's tank, immune to attack from SWAT teams, got stuck and Marvin killed himself with a gun.

Denver West

May 22 - Perhaps not the scenery we were hoping for.

Denver itself seems to be split between two graticule, the first, Denver West (39, -105), contains the west side of Denver as well as Westminster, Broomfield and Arvada. Contained in the graticule is a good portion of Pike National Forest, as well as several other smaller parks. Again, the far South and West could be a bit remote though.

May 21st, 39.179467°, -105.861537°

  • This hot spot seems to be far South and West. Around Fairplay and Garo. Doubtful that anyone from the Denver area can reach it, but maybe someone is in a good position. There appears to be dirt roads within a few miles of the location, but no hint as to whether it is private property or what the condition of the roads are like. Land looks barren.

May 22nd, 39.972874°, -105.238697°

  • In South Boulder on Bradley Drive just southwest of Broadway. An attempt was made to mark it off, but a lady chased away marker claiming kids would end up playing in the street if they saw it. Marker moved a bit north of the playground. Boulder is ridiculous.

May 28th, 39.687451°, -105.212208°

  • In the Matthews-Winters Open Space Park. Near the West boundery of the park as well as a smalll graveyard. Reached the point at approximatly 6pm.

Denver East

The other half of Denver, Denver East (39, -104), contains the Eastern half of Denver as well as Aurora, Englewood, Cherry Creek and Castle Rock. Littleton is split between the Denver West and Denver East evenly. The Denver East graticule contain a portion of Pike National Forest, as well as half of the Air Force Academy. The land in this graticule is significantly less interesting than the previous two, encompassing a lot of farmland.

May 21st, 39.179467°, -104.861537°

  • The Denver East hot spot is right off of I-25, south of Castle Rock. Seems like an easy reach if you are in the area. Someone swing by this one and get us some pictures.


The Greeley graticule (40, -104) is the least populated, containing mainly Greeley, but it is very likely that the closest location for a majority of people in Denver will often be in this area. Again, the land here, being east of the Rockies, is a little on the boring side.

May 21st, 40.179467°, -104.861537°

  • The Greeley hot spot is 200 meters off a road in someone's crop. Looks like an easy reach, a handful of miles from I-25 a little north of Denver. For most Denver residence, this is today's easiest and closest location. Lets kick off the Geohashish season by getting someone to this location.


Since Denver is split between multiple graticules, records will be kept two ways. One method will treat all four as though they are one graticule, but to keep our numbers fair for comparison, we'll also keep tabs on the individual graticules and list the highest record. A more comprehensive records page will be created when we have some records. Since we have four points, we also get to have fun records and statistics about how many times we reach multiple points in a day, with different people, or if someone really has time on their hands, individually.

Combined Consecutive Arrivals - 1
Combined Consecutive Saturdays - 0
Individual Consecutive Saturdays - 0
Individual Consecutive Arrivals - 1
Most People - 0
Geohasher with most arrivals -
Geohasher with most consecutive arrivals -

Akedrou earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (39, -105) graticule, here, on 2008-05-22.
Jeff, Michael, Mario, Doug, Jaeger, Humblik, Mike, Celeste, and Ryan earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (40, -105) graticule, here, on 2008-05-24.
Cedar Myers earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (39, -104) graticule, here, on 2009-08-31.
Cedar Myers earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (40, -104) graticule, here, on 2010-04-09.


Starting Morning of May 21st:

Total Locations Reached - 8
Total Days Spent Geohashing - 7
Total Persons to Have Arrived - 33
Total All Four Points Reached on Same Day - 0
Geohashers that have performed a tour de force - None yet!

Fort Collins Stats

Total Locations Reached: 5 (May 22, 2008, May 24, 2008, May 31, 2008, June 7, 2008, January 22, 2009)

Land Locations - (5/27)
Water Locations - (0/1)

National Park Locations - (1/8)
Non-park Locations - (3/18)

Denver West Stats

Total Locations Reached: 4 (May 22, 2008, May 28, 2008, May 30, 2008, June 14, 2008)

Land Locations - (3/25)
Water Locations - (1/1)

National Park Locations - (1/2)
Non-park Locations - (3/24)

Denver East Stats

Total Locations Reached: 0

Land Locations - (0/26)
Water Locations - (0/0)

National Park Locations - (0/0)
Non-park Locations - (0/26)

Greeley Stats

Total Locations Reached: 2 (9 April 2010, 11 August 2010)

Land Locations - (2/28)
Water Locations - (0/0)

National Park Locations - (0/0)
Non-park Locations - (2/28)

Last updated: 11 August 2010 - Hoozer