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Thursdays Location is some field near Garching, between Ismaning and Hallbergmoos. Seems reachable, at least with Munich public transportation.

  • Nusa 20:22, 29 May 2008 (UTC):

I failed. Got there by bus, because my bike is broken. And i hadn't much time.
Turns out, what i thought to be a road leading directly to the spot, was actually a small creek with private property left and right. I tried to find another way from the other side, but i got lost, because i dont have a GPS. I finally was somewhere and saw some guy with a bike on the other side of the field, taking picture. I suppose it was a fellow Geohasher who found the coordinates. I was not quite there, but i had to return to the bus station. Judging from the fact that i was standing directly under a electricity pylon, it seems i was walking the road on the right side, just 1000 ft away from the spot. So i saw it, but didn't realize i'm seeing it, that counts as fail. And i didn't meet other people anyway, so what is the point? :(

  • zb says: Dude, keep trying! Sorry I was in a real rush because I needed to be back home kind of soon, but I was actually wondering if that other dude over there in the black shirt was checking out the place, too. If this was you, I'd say you made it! And hey: Isn't the area out there beautiful? And: We probably still need to practice a little to get this going. I am actually really surprised that some other person was checking it out, too. I mean, it really was kind of in the middle of nowhere.

I got there in the middle of a long and nice bike ride. I started off in Munich's East, biked through the forest beweeen Trudering and Solalinden, headed on along the railtracks between Haar and Vaterstetten and went straight North to Grub and Landsham to discover that the path across the middle of the Speichersee (water reservoir) was closed by e.on company. Had to take a detrour via Neufinsing. Saw something cool there: BMW has a racetrack North of the Speichersee to test their new cars. When they drive new cars to and from that racetrack, they camouflage them to hide the actual design (Erlkönig). Boy, did they do a good job with this one. What supposedly was a brand new car that is not yet introduced on the market looked like a total piece of junk, ready to be scrapped. Anyway, I headed on North to Eichenried and Zengermoos, enjoyed the view of the AM and FM radio transmitters near Ismaning -- and, after 43 km, got within short distance of the location. The exact spot was in the middle of a farming field that I did not want to walk on, but I'll count that as a success. Took some pictures that I will post as soon as I get the film developed which might take a while. I left the spot around 5:15pm and had a great tailwind all the way from there to Ismaning and Unterföhring and back to the City. Total trip: 69 km.