2008-07-17 53 9

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Thu 17 Jul 2008 in Hamburg (West):
53.6210270, 9.9803777

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  • Hash: 53.621027°, 9.980377°
  • In town: Hamburg, Fuhlsbüttel
  • Surroundings: Hamburg Airport
  • Weather: Cloudy, occasional showers

The geohash for 2008-07-17 53 9 is located at the Lufthansa Technik facilities.

Past-Time Expedition: Hermann

I feel a little weird posting this, but I already have been there. Five years ago.
Back in 2003 I went to school in Hamburg. I chose a subject named "common scientific experimentation" and the teachers were like "This is a new subject. No Idea what I am supposed to do with you.". So one day we did a field trip to the Lufthansa Technik facilities to see turbines in lifesize. In front of the hall they measure the airplanes' maximum noise emission, we decided to take a group photo. I am the boy with the red anorak. You can compare the other pictures with the Google Maps images. I really was there. It even was the 17th... of November 2003.
I wonder if there is a Achievement for this... Today, I cannot access the facilities, so all I can get is a Restricted Area Geohash.