2008-10-18 40 -105

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Sat 18 Oct 2008 in Fort Collins:
40.0236881, -105.3062578

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This Saturday meetup looks like an easy hike (at least, compared to the first big Denver-area geohash meetup) in the mountains immediately west of Boulder.


From map inspection, the hash coordinates are on a hillside 170 meters from Sunshine Canyon Road, just up the canyon from the intersection of Fourth and Mapleton in west Boulder. The hillside appears to be within the boundaries of Boulder Mountain Park. Google Earth seems to indicate a number of social trails in the area. Parking is available on the south side of Sunshine Canyon Road, roughly 800 meters from the hash site, at 40.020251 -105.297936.


Jaeger plans to arrive at the previously-mentioned parking lot around 15:30 MDT on Saturday, 18 October and hopes to leave the parking lot on foot around 15:45 in hopes of reaching the coordinates at the 16:00 meetup. That gives at least two hours to get back down the mountain before sunset, which should be adequate.

Nearby Activities

Boulder has a vast network of hiking trails, including some starting from the very trailhead cited above as Geohash parking. Visitors may also be interested in the Pearl Street Mall, a pleasant outdoor pedestrian mall at the heart of Boulder.