2009-05-03 -36 144

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Sun 3 May 2009 in -36,144:
-36.8703338, 144.5135538

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The location

In the middle of Lake Eppalock

Who will go?


The Plan

I'm driving back from Bendigo to Melbourne, and this is only a shortish detour from one of the possible routes. The Lake is pretty dry, so i'm thinking the hash point will be on land, even though it's within the bounds of the 'water'.

Basically, it's a matter of turn up, and hope the hash is in a reachable spot. :D

Who Went?


It went pretty well.

I drove to the lake, then into it, stopping every now and then to take photos. It's very dry. The lake hasn't been full for over 15 years, and is only now able to be boated on since they started pumping water in from elsewhere.

Droughts are sad.

possibly Fergus helped me find the hash, and as always, brought me luck. After having a bit of fun driving through the lake, and around to the far side. I found somewhere to park and walked the last 150m or so through the scrub (under it in places) until I found a clearing around the hashpoint.

I did the GPS dance, took some more photos and claimed victory.

Then I went home.


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myka earned the No Water Geohash Achievement
by reaching the hashpoint on dry land even though it was in the middle of a lake. (-36, 144) geohash on 2009-05-03.
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