2015-10-18 42 -78

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Sun 18 Oct 2015 in 42,-78:
42.5875861, -78.7583232

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Private Property on Wagner Rd, South of Boston, NY



I saw this was on private property on Friday, but thought it was close enough to ride to and add another posted expedition on my way to 100. I just wasn't sure I wanted to do so. The weather report for today was cold with chance of rain or snow and I had plans to clean up the house a bit and watch the broadcast of our local (american) football team play.

So in the morning before the game, we got some stuff done so I could watch knowing I did something productive with my day. Unfortunately, the game was over by the end of the third quarter and the Buffalo Bills played like they have been the last 15 years of not making the playoffs. It was another game of playing to lose and I turned the game off. With some extra time, I thought about getting in a bike ride and why not go to the hash, it was close.

I layered up in some of my warmer gear and wrote down my directions in case I needed them, just in case. I would be taking a route very similar to 2014-09-22 42 -78 and in fact was within 1 KM of it where I stopped. On the google street view, there were no No Trespassing signs, but as I approached the closest point on the road, I saw a few signs next to the field.

I knew I wouldn't get to the hash anyway because a cow pasture was between the field next to the road and the field with the hash in it. I was definitely not going to cross that, even if I wanted to violate the No Trespassing rule. I think the cow area at this point was actually a narrower passage way connecting an outer pasture with the barn so the cows really beat up the ground here passing back and forth all the time. This made it very easy to see where the hash was and I got a few pictures.

Heading back for home, I stopped where I could see down into the Boston Valley and tried to take some pictures of the bright and colorful fall foliage, but the camera phone came up short. Heading down the hill into the valley, I actually got snowed on a little bit and because the temp was just above freezing, the snow was more icy than flaky which kind of hurt. I survived the ride down and made it home without seeing anything else interesting.



Pedalpusher earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 12.09 miles to the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-10-18.
Pedalpusher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (380 Feet) reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-10-18.
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