2020-09-24 49 9

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Thu 24 Sep 2020 in 49,9:
49.8849309, 9.6040319

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In the woods behind some houses in Karbach.



Multihash x 3: Kaiserslautern, Würzburg, Darmstadt


Coming from the previous hash, we had a little chat with GeorgDerReisende via text wether he would make it to the 49,8 hash today and if whe would be comfortable to wait for arrival even if it took a couple of more hours. Thankfully he was fine with that so we decided to go to this hash first in order to finish up in Darmstadt where we would meet up and also Mampfred could take the train back home.

The journey was not very eventful. When we got there, we parked on a steep street in fron of some houses which pretty much were between us and the hash so we had to find our was around them.

On the way we encountered a strangely abused tennis court where somebody had decided that ... we don't know what he decided or what those things are. Golf course greens? Minigolf course greens? Tennis court greens?

Whatever, we found the hash not too far into the woods and since Rincewind forgot his color spray in the car this time we made a classic XKCD sign out of tree branches.

With that, we made our way to the final hash of the day 2020-09-24 49 8.