2021-06-10 53 10

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Thu 10 Jun 2021 in 53,10:
53.6122328, 10.0143052
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on a private parking spot right next to a house in Hamburg-Alsterdorf



The day before, I was in central Hamburg for the first time since 2021-02-21 53 9, and was pleasantly surprised to see 10 June's hash in Alsterdorf, less than 500 m from the U1 line which I planned to take home – and only 850 m from 2021-05-03 53 10 in the same district a month before! So I decided to check it out before visiting again the next day.

The hash lay only 1.5 m from a private house on its parking spot. When I arrived, I saw a car leave the driveway, the gate staying open – I might've dared to go for it, but then noticed someone watching from a window inside the house and decided against it. Perhaps I'd reach the coordinates the next day.

On 10 June, I was busy all day and only went there in the evening, taking three trains to Sengelmannstraße and then cycling 800 m. But this time, the gate was closed, and I wasn't willing to climb it (especially as the property was under video surveillance). So I could only stand at the fence, in clear view of the hash only 20 m away. Only mildly disappointed, I cycled to Alsterdorf and saw the train leave just as I arrived at the platform, having to wait for the next.


will follow shortly (7 pictures)


No Trespassing consolation prize