2021-07-16 40 -4

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Fri 16 Jul 2021 in 40,-4:
40.4989362, -4.1982577

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In the wilds, near the road between Fresnedillas de la Oliva and Robledo de Chavela.


Wingman (talk)



Having done a couple of expeditions in my area, a pattern begins to emerge due to two facts:

  1. Outside of the big cities, central Spain is sparsely populated.
  2. Spain has a well developed road network.


  1. the geohash is usually in the wilds,
  2. there is usually a road that takes you within reasonable walking distance to the geohash.

There remain two questions:

  1. Is there a fence?
  2. Is there parking space next to the road?

Traveling on a motorcycle, the latter may not deem critical, but often there's the ditch directly next to the road and no parking space, certainly not for my larger and heavier motorcycles.

This day during lunch break, I had to go to the post office in the center of Valdemorillo. The parking situation is usually a bit tense there, so the smaller the vehicle, the better. Therefore, I took my little Krähe. On the way back home, I took a diversion to go for the geohash.

Fortunately, I could park die Krähe next to the road directly at the point closest to the geohash. It was only 200 meters from the road as the crow flies, but the terrain was a bit challenging, with large boulders and dense bushes. A couple of times, I had to go back and try another path. Finally, I reached the geohash on a picturesque wild meadow, surrounded by boulders and bushes. I took some photos and went back home, arriving just in time to resume work.