2022-01-07 49 8

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Fri 7 Jan 2022 in 49,8:
49.8765659, 8.7384768
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In the brushes near Roßdorf



Santu & Gefrierbrand

Rincewind had messaged us after the 2021-11-12 49 8 near-miss and asked for the possibility to go hashing together. Very soon after, the upcoming location was not far from Darmstadt and appeared to be easily reachable, so we used the newly exchanged contact info and arranged a meetup in the forest.

Rincewind & Yakamoz

This took somewhat longer to document than it should have... When I received Gefrierbrand's message on the phone, I hadn't even checked the coordinates for Friday and was positively surprised, both by the coordinates and more so by Gefrierbrand's and Santu's quick response.
We figured the hash would go well as a short trip with the Offspring and looked forward to meeting the two plus Pedro.


Santu & Gefrierbrand

We drove to a nearby parkinglot and started to walk from there. As we neared the hashlocation, we easily spotted Rincewind, Yakamoz and TheOffspring already waiting at a nice bench overlooking the adjacent field. Especially Pedro was very eager to meet them, but we kept him close to us to not risk getting dirty pawprints all over the other nice people.

The hashlocation was a few dozen meters further in the shrubbery so Santu, Gefrierbrand and Pedro ventured into it to collect the necessary proof. We then returned and chatted for a bit before taking another picture alltogether while holding XKCD letters.

After that we walked back while exchanging tales of previous hashing adventures. Now less exited, Pedro could happily walk along us all. We then split from Yakamoz, Rincewind and TheOffspring to go look at nearby Menhir stones, which turned out to be relatively unspectacular, but it was a nice walk there anyways.


We set off, blindly following a certain popular navigation app. Since the permitted roads ended in a parking space for hikers and such, we used that and walked towards the hash. A bit earlier than we hoped for, TheOffspring decided walking was beneath her and she rather went along for a piggyback ride.
When we approached the coordinates, quite near to the foot/bike road through the forest, we put "XKCD" on Gustav's Bank (bench) opposite the field next to the coordinates and did a hash dance, then waited for Santu, Gefrierbrand and Pedro, who arrived shortly after us. Took some pictures, they also went dancing in thorns and brush and we walked back to the parking lot together and making short-talk, before Santu, Gefrierbrand and Pedro did some more exploring.
Yay, coordinates reached and it was nice meeting you guys. Let's meet again. :)


Santu & Gefrierbrand


Edited and left them at home on the NAS, when I wanted to edit the report from somewhere else... Tonight then.


Gefrierbrand, Rincewind, Santu, Yakamoz earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2022-01-07.
Gefrierbrand, Santu earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Rincewind, Yakamoz at the (49, 8) geohash on 2022-01-07.
Rincewind, Yakamoz earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Gefrierbrand, Santu at the (49, 8) geohash on 2022-01-07.
Gefrierbrand earned the Little Finger Handshake achievement
by meeting 5 other geohashers since 2012-05-26.
Rincewind, Yakamoz earned the Earliest geohasher achievement
by arriving first at the (49, 8) geohash on 2022-01-07.
Santu earned the Two to the N achievement
by reaching 25 hashpoints on 2022-01-07 49 8 and is promoted to Level 5 (Coordinates reached).