2022-06-14 42 -78

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Tue 14 Jun 2022 in 42,-78:
42.7628554, -78.8133257
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Just off McKinley Pkwy in Hamburg



I pass by this location all the time and had no idea this was there. Looking at the maps, it didn't appear accessible, but when I went to the OpenStreetMaps, it showed a parking are there next to 'BoyScout Pond'. The Streetview showed a couple signs, but nothing restricting access. Just no hunting, swimming, etc.

It looked like the hash was just on the edge of one of the wide dirt paths that looped around the area and being Date Night, it wouldn't be that far out of my way. After work, I loaded up the car and we made our little detour up McKinley and found the driveway with no trouble. Scanning the roadside again, I confirmed there were no Posted signs and pulled in. The dirt driveway was nicely maintained with no potholes and going up the little hill, I parked in the flat, cleared area. Initially, I was going to leave the dogs in the car while I ran over to the hash, but since it felt pretty remote, I let them out for a quick run.

Making our way to the hash, of course the hash area had been overgrown and I had to bushwack the last 20 feet/7 meters through the thick (and pokey) shrubs. Fortunately, the hashpoint itself was in a slightly more open area and I didn't have to do much of a GPS dance to get a good reading. Getting a couple quick pictures, we made our way back to the car. Since I wanted to get on my way and not present my girlfriend with soggy dogs, we didn't explore the area further or check out the pond.



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