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This page exists to serve as a database of Geo Hashing achievements that can be attained by putting in a little extra work. To claim these Geohashes, you only need photographic proof.


Land Geohash

The simplest kind of Geohash, making it to the defined point on land on the correct day.

Water GeoHash

Whilst not all geohashers have access to a boat, those who do are able to get this Geohash should they live in a Graticule that covers water, which you would assume because they own a boat.

"Mother Nature is my Bitch" GeoHash

Should you have to overcome certain impediments by virture of land, forest or water to reach your location, you can achieve the "Mother Nature is my Bitch" Geohash Achievement. To achieve this Geohash, attemptees must have to have overcome rivers/mountains/cliffs/trees/bears/mountain lions/drop bears or any other kind of wild animal from your country to get to the location on the day.

Achieving this Geohash is only possible to the toughest and most committeed Geohashers.

Couch Potato GeoHash

For those lucky enough to have a days location fall right on their house, therefore not having to move at all to get to the location, this one in a million GeoHashing achievement is yours.

If this does happen, you also have to have 12 hours notice party.

Pub GeoHash

For those over the drinking age, this GeoHash is a pleasant suprise. If a pub exists at the co-ordinates you are sent to, you are required to have a beer and celebrate this achievement. Unless you're driving.