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A coordinate calculator is any tool which can perform the geohashing algorithm. There are many different implementations of calculators, but there are a couple which get the majority of use.

Peeron Maps

This is the original implementation, and the one used most often by geohashers. It offers an easy to use interface based on Google maps.

Basic Usage

  • Pan the map around, and click on the location you wish to geohash in.
  • Ensure the date in the entry box, which is in the lower left corner, is correct for the day you wish to geohash on, and hit the Update button.
  • The coordinates are provided in the lower right corner in three formats, all of which describe the same location.
    • ddd.dddddd, ddd.dddddd
    • ddd mm.mmmm, ddd mm.mmmm
    • ddd mm, ddd mm

Other Useful Things

  • If you wish to have the currently selected region, known as a graticule, be your default for each time navigate to the page, click the Set Default button.
  • Below the date entry box, there are various different helpful links:
    • Link to this page: This is a link to bring up the page you are currently looking at, including the selected graticule and date.
    • Google map: This shows the current hashpoint on the standard Google maps. This is useful for getting driving directions to the nearest point on a road.
    • Nearby food: Because eating is often a fun activity to do with people you met a geohash, especially if it is a location you can't stick around at for too long.
    • Day: A link to the date page on the wiki for the date you selected.
    • Meetup: A link to the expedition or planning page for the graticule and date combination you selected.
    • Graticule Name: This will take you to the page corresponding to the graticule you selected. The text of this link will vary based on the graticule you have selected.