Hashiversary achievement

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This user earned the Hashiversary achievement
by attempting a hash point exactly on the anniversary of her inaugural geohashing expedition.

Award yourself this achievement for geohashing on the day of year of your first expedition (successful or not, but you ought to have written a report about it by now) in any of the following years.

If you happened to visit your hash on the 29th of February, you will share the ill fate of many unlucky children and only be able to claim it every four years. In contrary to those children, you had a choice. Well, now that we have this achievement at least. Since this is a celebratory achievement, both the expedition that you count as your first, and the expedition that you celebrate with should consist of a genuine effort to reach the geohash, but you can claim the ribbon if either or both expeditions fail.


Also see the Category:Hashiversary achievement page for a complete list of those using the ribbon.