Paris, France

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Rouen Amiens Saint-Quentin
Chartres Paris Sens
Orléans Bourges Auxerre

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The area around Paris is full of parks, small towns and farms to meet up.

Paris turns out to be at the north of the graticule, so locations at the far south may be difficult to reach; on the other hand, 49 2 contains most of the northern suburbs of Paris. Ilia suggests to designate the 49 2 graticule as Paris North, and to use it whenever convenient.

For help getting to the location, use the [Parisian public transport website].

Interestingly, distances in France are measured from Notre Dame in Paris, considered the heart of the city. There's a stone saying that there ("Point 0 des routes de France"), so it must be true.

Locations and geohashes


  • The GPS location for 2008-05-20 is in a farm at Moissy-Cramayel.
  • 2008-05-24: Ilia thought it was in Fontainebleau and went there, but the real location was in the middle of nowhere far south of Paris.
  • 2008-05-31: In a forest near Orléans. For a beginning geohasher like Ilia the location seems fairly unreachable, so he will try the 49 2 graticule instead.
  • For similar reasons, Anap tried (successfully) for the previous day's location near the small town of Grez-sur-Loing, which turned out to be easy to find and very pleasant.
  • 2008-06-12: In the middle of a road, in Cachan, south of Paris. Ilia will be there around 16:00, and invites other geohashers to come there for an improvised meetup.
  • 2008-07-12: In what appears to be a residential area of Leuville-sur-Orge, which is walkable from nearby RER C stations. A pair of British geohashers will attempt to reach the location by 16:00.


  • 2009-09-23: Apparently the first successful geohash in Paris
  • 2009-09-27: At least four geohashers from out of town are meeting up. Local Parisians are welcome!


  • 2010-01-17: An Australian on a motorbike. Success, in the middle of a paddock.


  • 2012-05-12: The geohash lands right in front of the Stade de France. Dunaril and Katu make their first expedition.
  • 2012-05-13: Dunaril and Katu enjoy a second consecutive, Tron cycling geohash through Paris, from Pantheon to Trocadéro.

Local geohashers

  • Z is new to geohashing. Will be in Paris till 24 Jan 2010 and would love to try to attend this weekend's meet-up.