Template:Expedition Images/How-to

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You should probably *NOT* be using this template anymore, but Template:Expedition Images2/How-to

Make sure to change the "auto gallery" in the referring page to "auto gallery2".

When creating a new Expedition Images gallery, please copy the following code to the new page:

<!-- Please  do not include more than 1 photo per graticule. -->
<!-- See Template:Expedition Images/How-to for more information. -->

{{Gallery | height=130 | lines=1
| File:2010-05-13-60-9-P1060061.JPG | [[2010-05-13 60 9|Flå, Norway]]

Don't forget to copy the gallery limits as well as the gallery code itself, so as to alert others to the rules.


Each line within the {{Gallery...}} template is to be in the format:


  • One pipe "|" at the beginning, one in the middle, no pipe at the end.
  • Image names should conform to the standard YYYY-MM-DD LAT LON DESCRIPTION or YYYY-MM-DD global DESCRIPTION naming method.
  • Meetup pages should conform to the standard YYYY-MM-DD LAT LON or YYYY-MM-DD global.
  • Location names should be brief, but descriptive... generally "City, Country" (or "City, State" in the case of the United States).
    • Generally speaking, one should include the location of the geohash itself; however, in cases where this might be ambiguous or otherwise confusing, the graticule name as listed at All Graticules will suffice.


Some guidelines for the gallery subpages...

  • For each day include not more than one image from each graticule, especially if space is limited. Share the wealth...
  • Use an existing Images subpage as a starting point for creating a new one, or follow the how-to.
  • Add new photos to the start of the gallery.
  • Please exercise judgment as to whether your photo is genuinely worth adding to the gallery, especially if it would mean removing one of the existing photos where space is limited.