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  1. Click on the add link on the correct day on the main page gallery.

When creating a new expedition images gallery, please copy the following code to the new page:

<!-- Please  do not include more than 1 photo per graticule. -->
<!-- See Template:Expedition Images2/How-to for more information. -->
{{ GalleryItem | File:2010-05-13-60-9-P1060061.JPG | Flå, Norway | 2010-05-13 60 9 }}

Don't forget to copy the comment as well as the gallery entry code itself, so as to alert others to the rules.

When adding to an existing expedition images gallery, just copy one of the GalleryItem lines and modify it for your expedition:


Each line, except for the comments, in the template is to be in the format:


  • Image names should conform to the standard YYYY-MM-DD LAT LON DESCRIPTION or YYYY-MM-DD global DESCRIPTION naming method.
  • Location names should be brief, but descriptive... generally "City, (State,) Country" If left blank, the coordinates are displayed.
  • Meetup pages should conform to the standard YYYY-MM-DD LAT LON or YYYY-MM-DD global.
    • Generally speaking, one should include the location of the geohash itself; however, in cases where this might be ambiguous or otherwise confusing, the graticule name as listed at All Graticules will suffice.