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Use {{location}} to tag expeditions by their location. It will add a subcategory of Category:Expeditions by location to the expedition.

For countries, use ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes. This template regards anything a country that is assigned such a code. Use XI for international waters. For some countries, you can also tag subdivisions or even subsubdivisions. See the templates in Category:Location templates for countries where these codes are defined and how to use them. Feel free to add a template for subdivision codes of a new country.

If the category link appears red, do not worry and create the category. Make sure that it is included in the appropriate parent category, for instance, Category:Expeditions in Germany is a subcategory of Category:Expeditions by location. The subcategories should be sorted in by their respective code.


  • {{location}}: an unknown location (Comment: Do not use this)
  • {{location|AD}}: Andorra
  • {{location|XI}}: international waters

Find more examples for your country at your country's location template.