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Returns 1 if the United States (specifically its Eastern Time Zone) are in Daylight Saving Time at the time passed in the parameter, 0 if not.

  • {{usdst}} uses the current time stamp.
  • {{usdst|2008-03-14}} considers the DST status at 00:00 UTC on 2008-03-14. Dates must be passed in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • {{usdst|2006-10-29 06:45}} considers the DST status at 06:45 UTC on 2006-10-29. Times must be passed in UTC.
    • From 2007, Daylight Saving Time is observed in the United States from 02:00 local (07:00 UTC) on the second Sunday in March through 02:00 local (06:00 UTC) on the first Sunday in November.


  • For simplicity's sake, this template applies DST rules used from 1987-2006 to all years 1986 and prior.
  • This template currently extends the current (2007) DST rules to all years following. Further DST legislation in the United States may require updates to this template.