2008-07-04 47 9

From Geohashing
Fri 4 Jul 2008 in Sankt Gallen:
47.4130070, 9.7311430

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Retro expedition on 2008-12-30 (Danatar)

Before my skiing holidays, I looked up possible retro locations using Hermann's tool which is based on psud's list. After the expedition I took a look at peeron and found out that exactly for this day and the following weekend (W30-adjusted 2008-07-04 to 2008-07-07), psud's list gives a Dow Jones value and subsequent coordinates (DJ 11216.00 / .413 .731) different from peeron/Google (11297.33 / .773 .607). All the other days' values are correct. When I looked at the other expeditions for that day (2008-07-04_34_-118, 2008-07-04_40_-88 and 2008-07-04_39_-119), the maps show (of course) peeron's coordinates but the locations described in the text are at the same coordinates as my expedition. I don't know how that happened. For now I will presume that I visited the correct location but I will add neither "Coordinates reached" nor "Failed" categories.


The location is at/on/in the outer wall of an office building in Dornbirn, Schmelzhütterstraße 42, right next to the Dornbirner Ach river. The region is Austria:Vorarlberg.


I had been skiing in Austria (sunshine, nice snow... yay!) and was on my way to a friend back in Germany for the New Year's celebration and had 30 minutes spare time at the Dornbirn train station. When my bus arrived, I put my heavy luggage in the luggage locker and walked the kilometre to the hashpoint. Access to the yard was not restricted and I easily reached the hashpoint at 11:40 after walking 9 minutes.

In the office directly at the hashpoint I saw somebody. A lengthy explanation would have probably made me miss my train, so I refrained from chalking my presence to the wall and took the photo some metres to the side, in front of an empty office. Then I walked back to the train station.

There was no thermometre near the hashpoint but various online weather sources gave temperatures between -3 and -2 °C. It was a nice fresh winter weather, but there was no snow because it hadn't snowed for a week.