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  • The Dark Ages achievement is now official. Tag your expeditions with the ribbon!
  • It's now possible to upload and embed GPX tracklogs of your expeditions.
  • Globalhash maps should now work! (You may need to purge/edit-and-resave globalhash expedition pages to show the changes.) Feedback welcome.
  • Expedition/graticule maps have been switched from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap; pages will update when next resaved/purged. Shout at Dan if they're not working right.
  • Dan Q is attempting to resurrect the wiki. Don't assume he knows about the problem you've discovered; let him know.

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Upcoming Meetups

You too can have this much fun.

xkcd local meetups take place every Saturday at 4:00pm (local time) in your local graticule, when the location is accessible. Many graticules attempt a meeting any day of the week that the coordinates can be reached.

Today's Coordinates

West of -30°: announced 13:30 UTC, 2 April
East of -30°: .5640780, .2746579
Globalhash: 11.534048796686, -81.123146759545 (Nominatim)

Please check your local graticule page for more details about meetup organisation, fellow geohashers, etc. See Help:Contents for information on how to use these coordinates to find the meetup location.

Saturday Coordinates

The coordinates for the next Saturday meetups, scheduled for 4 April 2020, will be based on the Dow’s opening price published at 09:30 EDT (13:30 UTC) on Friday 3 April. See to convert this time to your local time zone.

Automated Lists of Expeditions

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Expeditions Being Planned

Washington (West), District of Columbia OfficeLinebacker Going for it again! -- OfficeLinebacker (talk) 15:24, 1 April 2020 (EDT) ...
Mannheim, Germany DODO In a forest behind Harthausen (seen from Speyer).

Recent Expeditions

Baltimore, Maryland OfficeLinebacker This one actually looks very doable. -- OfficeLinebacker (talk) 11:15, 31 ...
Stralsund, Germany SastRe.O In the Potthäger Forest, Weitenhagen, VG, MV, Germany.
Baltimore, Maryland OfficeLinebacker Going to attempt this one and the one in the neighboring graticule today! ...
Frederick, Maryland OfficeLinebacker On my way to this one for a twofer for today -- OfficeLinebacker (talk) @39.2684,-77.5458...
Berlin, Germany CamelCase Just outside the northern city border. Since leaving the city is one of the...
København, Denmark Sermoa Brøndbyøster
Washington (West), District of Columbia OfficeLinebacker Going to attempt to this one as well. Might as well. I'm going stir-crazy. ...
Kitee, Finland Kripakko In a forest close to Tervasuontie road, easily accessible.
Baltimore, Maryland OfficeLinebacker Hope to go, but it might be raining -- OfficeLinebacker (talk) 20:50, 27 M...
München, Germany Clearlucid9 in the middle of a field just outside of Harthausen, south east of Munich
Pforzheim, Germany RecentlyChanged Somewhere
Dresden, Germany Danatar in a playground in the University Hospital of Dresden. North of the hashpoi...
Hässleholm, Sweden gnuX located in a forest in Hässleholm. I'm using the term forest quite liberall...


Events not coinciding with official geohash locations are listed as Unofficial Invitations.

News Affecting Geohashers

News stories affecting geohashers may be linked in Breaking News.