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news archiveEdit What's new on the wiki?

  • There's a stripped-down expedition template for frequent expeditioners: Use {{subst:Expedition2}}
  • There's a new map for exploring past expeditions and today's geohash:
  • We have now reached 15000 expeditions!
  • The PHP version underlying the wiki engine software has been updated. Let DanQ know if you spot any new (or old) bugs.
  • Happy first anniversary of the wiki's revival, if you count the 'birthday' as the date of the first user account creation plus the announcement on IRC!
  • The subdivision geohash is an achievement now.
  • SIGSTKFLT is doing a slow rollout of Ribbon2. Add a comment if you see any problems.
  • It's now possible to upload and embed GPX tracklogs of your expeditions.

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Upcoming Meetups

You too can have this much fun.

xkcd local meetups take place every Saturday at 4:00pm (local time) in your local graticule, when the location is accessible. Many graticules attempt a meeting any day of the week that the coordinates can be reached.

Today's Coordinates

West of -30°: announced 13:30 UTC, 27 September
East of -30°: .9454550, .2750863
Globalhash: 80.181907251979, -80.968935543876 (Nominatim)

Please check your local graticule page for more details about meetup organisation, fellow geohashers, etc. See Help:Contents for information on how to use these coordinates to find the meetup location.

Saturday Coordinates

The coordinates for the next Saturday meetups, scheduled for 30 September 2023, will be based on the Dow’s opening price published at 09:30 EDT (13:30 UTC) on Friday 29 September. See to convert this time to your local time zone.

Automated Lists of Expeditions

The lists below are updated by a bot. Summaries are automatically added to these lists for any expedition with its own page.

How to include plans without their own page.

How to fix the output of an expedition page.

More detailed help.

If you see unexpected results below, report them here.

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Expeditions Being Planned


Recent Expeditions

Utrecht, Netherlands FelixTheCat On a path in Bovenkarspel, North Holland province.
Bielefeld, Germany Fippe located on a field in Vechta.
Washington (West), District of Columbia Michael5000, Mrs.5000 Off a trail in Prince William Forest Park.
Bonn, Germany Fippe located on a street in Köln-Porz.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Fippe located on the edge of a forest in Niederdielfen.
Hamburg (East), Germany π π π on a field in Struvenhütten, Schleswig-Holstein
Melbourne East, Australia Talex In a roundabout in Donvale
Hartford, Connecticut JBest In a field in Mansfield Center, CT.
Bielefeld, Germany Fippe located on a meadow in Deindrup.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Monotof In the forest between Niederquembach and Kraftsolms
Wrocław West, Poland Piotrekoo On a floodplain near Buszkowice Małe.
Utrecht, Netherlands FelixTheCat Hollandse Hout, a forest near Lelystad, Flevoland province.
Bielefeld, Germany Fippe located next to a path in Brockum.
Albany, New York JesseFTW located in a back yard in New Salem.
Wrocław East, Poland Piotrekoo On a wild meadow in Kamieniec Wrocławski.
Rheine, Germany Fippe located on a field in Schöppingen.


Events not coinciding with official geohash locations are listed as Unofficial Invitations.

News Affecting Geohashers

News stories affecting geohashers may be linked in Breaking News.