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About the New on the wiki announcements template

This template is designed to be displayed on the Main Page to highlight new developments on the wiki. It has two sections, one mainly to tell and one mainly to ask. These announcements should stay up for about a week, unless their relevance passes sooner.

The template can be added to a user or graticule page if you use that over the Main Page. Simply add {{New on the wiki}} to the desired page.

What's new on the wiki

This section includes new ways to waste time and to save time on the wiki. There's more to the wiki than posting pictures on the main page, and this is intended to be a more efficient way for users to find out what's new than hitting the "Recent changes" button every thirty minutes. Announcements include new tools for planning geohashes, monthly Most Active Graticule records, special events and wiki policy. Announcements about remarkable expeditions should generally go in the Hall of Amazingness, not here.

Now discussing

This section gives all users, not just those who happen to be on the geohashing IRC channel at the right moment, a chance to have their say on developing geowiki standards, qualifying for achievements, and planning special events. Particularly active discussion about a single expedition or geohasher might be linked here if the result of the discussion is likely to affect geohashers as a whole.

Upcoming Announcements

Announcements here are formatted, linked to pages that explain them, and ready to be placed in the template. Place suggestions that aren't yet fleshed out on the Talk page.

Past Announcements

Old announcements can be browsed here after they have been deleted from the Main Page. Most recent are at the top.

Past Discussions

These topics have been discussed recently but the matters have been settled or the discussion has died down. Most recent are at the top.