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Geohashers, like geeks in general, tend to be rather individualistic, so there's not going to be hasher "uniform", an official t-shirt every hasher wears (discounting the formal attire achievement). This page is (or is intended to become) mostly a collection of words, pictures and vector graphics which people can use in creating their own apparel.


If you just want text on your T-shirt, these are some of the catchy lines that have been proposed:

  • Don't worry - I'm (or We're) from the Internet
  • Adventure Capitalist
  • The Internet didn't stay home today.
  • anything with "POSTED:" in front of it
  • "It seemed like a good idea at the time"

Raster graphics

Bitmaps can be reproduced easily on plain white apparel. They can have full color (photos and such) and a lot of detail, but fade a bit every time the shirt is washed. White shirts also tend to look a bit cheap.

Post links to ready-made raster images suitable for t-shirt printing here.

  • Feel free to use the Globetrotters Geohash icon by ilpadre. There is no higher resolution available, but it should be sufficient for printing.
  • Or browse the Category:Fanart. Higher resolution images are currently available for all pictures.

Vector graphics

These are images with few (typically only one, or up to three) colors, defined by vector shapes instead of pixels. They can be produced in different colored foils (or even with special-effects materials like retro-reflective or glittering foil) or as a flock print, and applied to apparel of any color. These tend to make for long-lasting, "quality" looking shirts.

Image Gallery

  • Logo figure "xkcd geohashing" - the original "stick figure with GPS and map" logo drawing by Randall (afaik), hand-traced into SVG by dawidi, above the text "xkcd geohashing" set in Lucida Console (file contains "source" SVG, SVG converted to paths, and an EPS export). Free for use on apparel for yourself and in spreadshirt/cafepress-like shops that do not generate profit for the owner, but please do not upload this to spreadshirt.de again, see below. Here's a direct link to the "source" SVG.
  • Logo figure "xkcd geohashing" - computer traced by Hermann.

Complete T-shirts

Here are completed designs that can be ordered online. It's probably useful to get one from a shop that is in your own country to avoid extra shipping costs. In the very likely case that the design you want is not available in your country (or at all), find a way to get them made locally (and put it up here if there's a chance other people would want to buy the same design as is).

North America

There are no geohashing-related t-shirts in the xkcd store. :( (imo, that would be the proper place to sell them in the US)


2009-04-19 49 12 widi back.jpg
  • dawidi has opened a Spreadshirt shop with shirts using his rendering of the logo figure (see above). The "products" available at the moment have the logo on the back and a customizable text on the chest, intended to enter your home graticule numbers. If you want to use the logo figure in a slightly different way or on other shirt types, please talk to him about it instead of uploading the vector graphic again, as that would mean unnecessary validation work for the Spreadshirt people.
Coupon code "gutschein-datenbank" gives free shipping. Or, "SOMMERZEIT2009" gives 15% off if you are ordering more than €35 (valid 6-23 August).