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xkcd-reader from germany, living in west Hamburg.

I was actively geohashing from 2008 to 2011. Nowadays, I only check the coordinates or the wiki sporadically.

There still is a chance of finding me on my Teamspeak.


I drew the Bicycle Geohash Award ribbon image myself and converted Randall's Geohashing logo into a vector format image. It is used on the posters I hold being at the hashes and the promotional poster I left in Hamburg.
I adapted Douglas Adams' "Nad": In geohashing, you call it Geonad.
I use Commonist to upload my photos to the wiki. Use "geohashing _" for your "wikis.txt" config file. It's great, much less clicking and copypasta.



Travelling by bike only, my range is:

9.60707 < longitude < 10
53.54037 < latitude < 53.67906


My list of expeditions has it's own page.


My list of achievements now also has it's own page.