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This user earned the Hobbit Achievement
by bearing a ring and baring {{{pronoun}}} feet to and from the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

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Geohashing is a quest, of sorts, and Hobbits are well known for their bravery and fortitude while questing. To gain this achievement, you must attempt to emulate a Hobbit while reaching the correct geohash coordinates, both there and back again.

  • Barefoot
Hobbits never wear footwear of any sort, so you must complete your round-trip journey with bare feet. If camping is involved, blankets and sleeping bags are fine, as long as you are barefoot inside. You are not allowed any foot-specific accessories such as shoes, socks, diving fins, or boots. Note that this does not imply a Walk geohash, since hobbits are known to ride horses, wagons, and many other modes of transportation, but you must also trust in your own two feet. At least 1 km of the route must be walked (or the entire route, if the route is less than 1km).
Hobbits enjoy eating. In a typical day, they eat breakfast, brunch, elevensies, lunch, afternoon snack, tea, dinner, supper, and bedtime snack. Therefore, to emulate a Hobbit, you must stop to eat food at least twice during your journey (suggested, but not necessary, that your meal contain some sort of wafer or bread).
  • a Ring
One of your party must be carrying a ring (any kind, could be a loop of string) all the way from the start to the hash point. It may change hands, and it doesn't matter who carries it, but a Ring must arrive at the hash point, and each hobbit must carry the ring at least part of the way. Your party may include non hobbits who do not travel barefoot and/or do not carry the ring, but of course they do not earn the hobbit achievement. Optionally, someone may carry the ring back.


It is necessary to document the three pillars of the requirements. In addition to the standard proof of reaching the coordinates, we expect the expedition report to include a photograph of the hobbit(s) travelling with bare feet at each phase of the journey, the menu and time for each meal break, a photo of each hobbit with the ring, an indication of the endpoints for the walk phase, and a photo of everyone's bare feet and the ring at the geohash itself. Admittedly, it would be possible to provide this "proof" without having travelled the entire distance without footwear, but we must rely on hobbit integrity.


While the above requirements satisfy the minimum requirements to earn a ribbon, other hobbit behaviour is encouraged. Can you disappear? Eat food resembling lembas wafers? Hitch a ride from a giant tree? Or hurl the ring into the magma of an active volcano? Writing your expedition report in a Tolkienesque style is encouraged, but if you write it in Elvish, please provide a summary in a common wiki language, English if possible.


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