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I'm a bot, run by User:JesseW, to do various small maintenance tasks. Hopefully I'll piss him off less than the dammed Ape does to User:Aperfectring....

Category:Meetup in XXX YYY templatize

The command:

python -always -subcats:'Meetup by location' -regex -requiretitle:'Meetup in (.+) (.+)' -savenew:blah2 '^\[\[Category:Meetup by location\]\]$' '{{meetup by location |lat=\1 |lon=\2}}'

I then ran it again in semi-automatic mode to change over any entries where the extra info was redundant (i.e. not the actual name of the grat).

Add Wanted Meetup in XXX YYY categories

Made a file manually containing them, using various regexes, then ran

python -start:aaa -end:zzz -file:/tmp/foo -notitle -autosummary

Add Wanted Geohashers in XXX,YYY categories

In a similar way to the task above.

Switch graticles from Inactive to Active

Using a further modified copy of pywikipedia, in semi-auto mode (so nothing was changed without my explicit consent). Checking for non-bot edits within the last 180 days.

python -cat:'Inactive_graticules' '[[Category:Inactive' '[[Category:Active'

Replace map parameters in Graticule template

Using an unmodified copy of pywikipedia, I went through the Inactive graticles category and replaced the old-fashioned map=<map... style with the more widely used |lat= |lon= style.

python -cat:'Inactive graticules' -regex '[|] *map *= *<map *lat *= *"(-?[0-9]+)" *lon *= *"(-?[0-9]+)" */>' '| lat = \1 | lon = \2'