Naming conventions

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The one rule to remember

one rule to bind them all

Achievements and ribbons

ever managed to spell Category:Curse of Unawareness consolation prize correctly?

  • Achievement pages shall include the word "achievement". Consolation prize pages shall include the word "consolation prize".
  • The corresponding ribbon shall be named [[Template:X]] for the X achievement or consolation prize.
  • The corresponding category shall be named identical to the achievement.
    e.g.: Abduction achievement, Template:Abduction, Category:Abduction achievement


  • The numeric format for a graticule page is 50,11 (with comma). The comma is left away in most other instances where a graticule is mentioned. It's a bad convention.
  • Standardization of graticule names: Within the United States and Canada, graticules that cross state or national borders don't represent too much of a problem except for possible confusion. In other neighboring countries, that may be a major issue in the future. Example: Israel/Jordan or Turkey/Greece. The current standard of naming graticules by major city within the graticule will be problematic in the future and should be addressed now. Any ideas? --Sartakh 21:41, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

Expedition pages

These are named "YYYY-MM-DD N E", where...

  • YYYY is the year (four digits);
  • MM is the month (two digits, with leading zero if necessary);
  • DD is the day (two digits, with leading zero if necessary);
  • N is the latitude (one or two digits, no leading zero, preceded by negative sign if necessary);
  • E is the longitude (one, two or three digits, no leading zero, preceded by negative sign if necessary).

Examples include 2010-10-01 52 0, 2010-10-10 -37 144 and 2010-07-04 49 -123.

General considerations

  • Avoid words in page titles that have variant English spellings (e.g., -ise/-ize, -our/-or, and the doubled "l" in participles)
... and if you can't avoid it, make a redirect from any valid spelling.