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This category is for expeditions that occurred, but which did not reach the day's coordinates due to the presence or perceived risk of unsuitable terrain, inclement weather, wild animals, darkness or other natural phenomena that could dampen, bake, mire, waylay or devour the spirits or bodies of the geohashers. This geohash proved too difficult to visit, thank you Mother Nature. Expeditions contained by fenced "Nature Preserves" count instead as Category:Not reached - No public access.

Expeditions classed here were not necessarily impossible or even extremely difficult to complete; they just introduced conditions that stopped those particular geohashers on that day.

If any geohasher reaches the coordinates on the correct day then the expedition should be classed instead as Category:Coordinates reached. Class it here only if no one reaches the coordinates.

This category was originally named Category:Failed - Mother Nature but many expeditions that never reach coordinates are resounding successes, and it can be disheartening to beginning geohashers to have their expedition declared a "Failure" so that category redirects to this one.

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