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Sat 20 Sep 2008 in 52,5:
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Arvid will attempt it. And found someone to cycle along. It's about 100km one way, and we made the route a bit more interesting by putting the only hill of the province in it.




Around 9:30 Arvid and the fellow recumbent rider(riding an Alleweder) met at the main campus entrance of Twente University in Enschede. They weren't going to take the easy route to Kampen, oh no. They would conquer every possible hill(all three of them!, one with 10%) that could reasonably fit in the route. Making the route about 15-20km longer than necessary. Along the way they found there was a rally going on just next to the main road they followed, just when it was time for the first stop for eat&pee.

Around 15:30 they reached the point on the road closest to the hash, which was a dead end with a birdviewerstower. Arvid kind of expected a place like that, although it doesnt exist on google maps. It has a view over the unused land on the outside of the dyke and over the Ketelmeer(kettle-lake).

It also gave them a view in the direction of the hashpoint. Neither of the geohashers printed the google-maps view, so Arvid really tried to remember what it looked like. Google maps shows there is a field in use on the outside of the dyke, and the hash is at the edge of that. There was no in-use field anymore. It looked like new waterways were digged, and the area was given back to nature. Which meant they couldn't get any closer than about 85m from the hash. The trees that google shows are still there, but there is no way you could walk easily to that. Arvid remembered the people taking an inflatable boat with them. But it was no use. The water wasn't deep, but even if he'd walked through it, the hashpoint might just be between the reed, so inaccessable anyway.

At 16:10 those recumbentriders started on the journey home. Their average speed had gone down, mostly since Arvid had trouble keeping his pace up. But they also stopped a lot less and didn't make as much routing mistakes as they made on the way to the hash. They arrived home around 22:30.

Arvid's average moving to the hash was 23.9km/h. Total was 22.25km/h. New record top speed of 69.9km/h downhill.