2008-07-13 -35 149

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Sun 13 Jul 2008 in -35,149:
-35.4962415, 149.2719690

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Ainsley and Nemo met up at the Glowing cube and proceeded to Googong Dam, barely getting lost at all. They then trekked down barred roads, past bird watching huts and to Queanbeyan River, only to find it flowing rather too well for our liking. Picturesque though.

Backing up the road a little (and taking more photos of Australian native wildlife), our intrepid explorers started traversing the wild wild wilderness. In the fine tradition of other Canberra bush geohashes, we found skulls, but they did little to deter us. Flooded wombat holes were also found (they are obviously evolving into aqua-wombats in preparation for massive sea level rising).

As they climbed the next hill however, more of the river came into view and it was obviously going to be intraversable. At 500m away, they turned back, knowing that whilst they could have gotten closer, there was more interesting geology to be found nearby to the south.

MNB Ribbon.jpg
Nemo and Ainsley earned the "Mother Nature's Bitch" Consolation Prize
by failing to reach the (-35, 149) geohash on 2008-07-13.

London Bridge isn't falling down

Driving upstream a km or so to the "London Bridge" natural limestone arch, it was evident that when it comes to Canberra bridge-finding prowess, that Psud has met his match. London Bridge natural limestone arch was found! Torch in hand they explored to the depths of a cave on the southern side. The caves on the northern side weren't as deep, but more interesting. Nemo led the way in and Ainsley sought cave beetles, though none were found. Neat rock formations were definitely found however and dutifully documented, before Ainsley then led the path out through the top of the cave.

Due to the litter in the northern cave which we removed, we claim a geotrash award. Yes, it's true we didn't make it to the hash point directly, we nevertheless removed trash from a hash expedition attempt. It's the point which counts right? Right??

Ainsley and Nemo earned the GeoTrash Geohash Achievement
by cleaning up the (-35, 149) geohash on 2008-07-13.

Lastly, the London Bridge shearing sheds were explored, and more Kangaroos and wombat holes found before venturing back homewards.

Final results, we were mother nature's bitches, but she nevertheless gave us a great afternoon exploring.

Photos to come