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The Geohash coordinates for the day were reached successfully. Congratulations!

Expeditions or meetups where the coordinates are not reached will be listed under Category:Coordinates not reached.

If the coordinates are right but the date is wrong, you probably qualify for Category:Not reached - Time constraints or Category:Not reached - Technology if it was not intentional. If you reached the place you wanted to reach, but instead of the official coordinates it was a location that you and others previously agreed upon to visit instead, then it is Category:Not reached - Attended alternate location.

See Category:Not reached - Unknown for a good summary.

The FAQ has useful information on this topic. This question and answer could be particularly relevant.

Q: How close to do you need to get for success?

A: This seems to be a grey area. The No Batteries method would allow positional errors dependent on the maps or instruments used. GPS receivers might get you to within 3 or 4 metres. A common method used is "within the error circle of my GPS", so if your GPS accuracy is 3m, having a "distance to point" of 2m would be considered "there". If 50 people turn up, are they all at the hashpoint? As it's called a meetup, perhaps success should be defined in terms of whether you would actually meet someone else at the hashpoint. You'd need to be within hailing distance.
A common answer to this question is "You should be reasonably certain that there are no more significant obstacles between you and the uncertainty bubble of the geohash." This one is useful if you might damage crops by closing your distance to zero.

Q: What if several geohashers attempt the hashpoint but not all of them reach it?

A: If at least one geohasher reaches the location, the coordinated have been reached. Individual geohashers can indicate whether they reached the destination, either on their own user page or in the text of the expedition report. The "Coordinates not reached" category should not be used.


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