2008-05-25 55 12

From Geohashing
Sun 25 May 2008 in Copenhagen:
55.9417749, 12.1828736

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This was the first successful geohash reached in the Copenhagen, Denmark graticule, done by SolidHydrogen. The trip was taken by bus to Hillerød, and then on foot to the point located on a country lane near Meløse (this is a heck of a lot further than it seemed on the map, it took 1.5 hours... even requiring run 5 min/walk 5 min cycles to reach the destination at 3:56 local time). Although unfortunately no one else showed up, the adventure was a fantastic one. High points include a beautiful cloudless afternoon, an extraordinarily pleasant bus ride through the Danish countryside between Karlebo and Hillerød, hand feeding three baby sheep, seeing two teenagers walk by with automatic weapons and bullet proof vests (for hunting?), walking through Hillerød (and SolidHydrogen realizing this would be a great place to move once he starts his new job, thanks Randall!), questionably legal walking along sides of highways, writing "XKCD" at the location using shiny white rocks, and eliciting stares from passing motorists and cyclists for standing on an empty lane in the middle of nowhere with no mode of transport for over a half hour hoping for new friends.

Now there are pictures!