Category:Not reached - Attended alternate location

From Geohashing

This category is for expeditions that did not go to that day's official coordinates, but instead to an alternate location that was previously decided upon a) democratically (e.g. if the hashpoint would have been 20 km out at sea, nearby geohashers could have decided to meet at the nearest spot on the beach instead) or b) by using an alternate algorithm (e.g. by using half-graticules or centicules). If you try for the official coordinates but do not reach them, it was a real expedition and will go into one of the other "Not reached" categories.

Expeditions that do not go to the official coordinates were allowed in the beginning of geohashing because meeting somebody elsewhere is better than not meeting anybody at all. Nonetheless, because these expeditions don't go to the offical coordinates, many geohashers don't consider them real expeditions. It's always advised to try for the official coordinates. Of course to make it count and still meet people, it is possible to first try the correct location and then, after standing at the beach and longingly gazing at the horizon (or taking a picture of the "No trespassing" sign at some private property) turn around and go to the alternate location.

Expeditions in this category are eligible (if done at the Saturday Meetup time) for the xkcd centurion achievement but no other achievements, just for the fun. Before the creation of this category, the alternate meetups were grouped in the misleading Category:Not reached - Did not attempt.