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XKCD Centurion Achievement

Template:xkcd centurion

This user earned the xkcd Centurion achievement
by attending {{{count}}} Saturday meetups.

Anyone who attends 100 XKCD Saturday meetups has achieved the XKCD Centurion. Several intermediate steps are available for those who want to document their progress.

A Saturday meetup has been achieved for a geohasher, when on meet-up day:

  • The geohasher is present at the official coordinates for that date, at the official meet-up time. That time is Saturday 4 p.m. unless otherwise established for that graticule by permanent or long standing agreement. Some graticules have shifted the meet-up time to Sundays, or to an earlier time of the day to meet in daylight. This is permitted.


  • The geohasher meets other geohashers who are trying to reach the official coordinates, and are travelling independently, whether or not anyone succeeds.


  • The geohasher meets other geohashers at a prearranged alternate Saturday meeting location., whether or not they succeed.

That is, you either have to be in the right place at the right time, or you have to actually meet someone. It's not a Saturday meetup if you dash by at a random time. The purpose of this award is to encourage actual meetups with other geohashers. These criteria are intended to support that while not eliminating opportunities for active geohashers in difficult, unlucky, or unpopulated graticules.

Note: Unless someone would go for some Time-Traveller Geohashes along the way (or hash a lot in graticules which have changed their official Saturday meetup time), it would have been impossible to earn this achievement until the 100th Saturday since the Algorithm was published, 17 April 2010. However, nobody even came close to 100 at that date.


A ribbon to display on your user page can be found here. It may also be used if you have less than a hundred meetups, it adjusts the output appropriately:


{{xkcd centurion|count=0}}
This user earned the xkcd Nullaturion achievement
by attending 0 Saturday meetups.
0 most people in the world and David Souther and probably Arlo too
1 CJ, Digiphono, Fasanen, Haberdasher, Jeppzer, JoDaEmPa, Joe, Llavids, LucasBrown, Matty, Pne, Relentless Haberdashers, The, Subotai45, Tilley, ΛΞ, FelixTheCat, Rkschlotte
2 lyricalcarpenter, Manu, the ru
3 DavidMiller, Joanna, Mapaholic, PaintedJaguar
4 Crankl, Woodveil, Jan
5 DLichti, Jim
6 ilpadre, Sermoa
7 SwensonJ
8 Macronencer
9 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=10}}
This user earned the xkcd Decurion achievement
by attending 10 Saturday meetups.
10 B2c, Crox, NCBears, Pedalpusher, Srs0, Yakamoz, Baarde
11 Nobody currently
12 Jens, Pastori, Robyn, Starbird
13 Nobody currently
14 Rhonda
15 Relet, Wyle & RoadRunner
16 Benjw, Calamus, HicSuntLaganum, Koepfel
17 Arvid, DODO, Mcbaneg
18 Nobody currently
19 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=20}}
This user earned the xkcd Viginturion achievement
by attending 20 Saturday meetups.
20 Nobody currently
21 Nobody currently
22 Isopekka, Thomcat
23 Nobody currently
24 Felix_Dance
25 Nobody currently
26 Nobody currently
27 Nobody currently
28 Ekorren
29 OtherJack


{{xkcd centurion|count=30}}
This user earned the xkcd Triginturion achievement
by attending 30 Saturday meetups.
30 Nobody currently
31 Jevanyn, Michael5000
32 Paintedhell
33 Nobody currently
34 Fippe
35 Nobody currently
36 Nobody currently
37 Reinhard
38 Nobody currently
39 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=40}}
This user earned the xkcd Quadraginturion achievement
by attending 40 Saturday meetups.
40 Nobody currently
41 Nobody currently
42 Nobody currently
43 Nobody currently
44 Nobody currently
45 Nobody currently
46 Nobody currently
47 Danatar
48 Nobody currently
49 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=50}}
This user earned the xkcd Quinquaginturion achievement
by attending 50 Saturday meetups.
50-59 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=60}}
This user earned the xkcd Sextaginturion achievement
by attending 60 Saturday meetups.
60-69 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=70}}
This user earned the xkcd Septaginturion achievement
by attending 70 Saturday meetups.
70 Sourcerer
71-79 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=80}}
This user earned the xkcd Octaginturion achievement
by attending 80 Saturday meetups.
80-89 Nobody currently


{{xkcd centurion|count=90}}
This user earned the xkcd Nonaginturion achievement
by attending 90 Saturday meetups.
90 GeorgDerReisende
91-99 Nobody currently


This user earned the xkcd Centurion achievement
by attending 100 Saturday meetups.
Achievement Date User
2018-12-15 NWoodruff (now at 101)