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I have been active since the first week of geohashing, but I disappear for long periods of time and don't always check the wiki regularly. I do still check the coordinates on a regular basis, but at this point I don't usually have time to make it. When I go geohashing, my intent is usually to enjoy nature or explore an interesting new location. Thus, the frequency with which I geohash is highly dependent on where I currently live. I also tend to geohash more in the warmer months of the year, as that allows for much more pleasant expeditions.

Since geohashing began, I have moved many times. Thus, there are several places that I consider to be my "home" graticule. My home graticules are:

Graticule Time Period Comments
Genève (46,6) June 2012 -> Present Currently my home graticule. I am hoping for an awesome restricted area geohash within CERN!
Toronto (43,-79) May 2011 -> June 2012 I lived there for the first year of graduate studies before moving to (46,6) for research purposes.
Vancouver (49,-123) May 2008 -> May 2009
January 2010 -> April 2011
I lived in Vancouver for the duration of my undergraduate degree. The time period listed begins from the start of geohashing (the relevant time frame). I still visit Vancouver occasionally.
Würzburg (49,9) May 2009 -> December 2009 Thepiguy and I were research assistants in Technische Physik at the Universität Würzburg for eight months.
Calgary NW (51,-114) December -> January
(every year, until ~2015)
My parents live in Calgary, and thus I used to visit every year for the winter break. I still visit, but the timing is now less predictable.

The time it takes me to complete an expedition write-up varies drastically. I often update the day of (or the day after) the expedition, but I have also been known to take several months, or even just under a year. However, I do get around to everything eventually.




A short list of my most memorable geohashing expeditions and why, sorted chronologically:

Complete List

Chronologically listed, bold for Saturday expeditions, underlined for virgin graticules.

Arrow2.png Successful: 53

Arrow4.png Failed: 5

Arrow5.png Retro: 2

Arrow2.png2008-05-27 Vancouver My first geohash!

Arrow2.png2008-05-31 Surrey My first "official" (Saturday) geohash.

Arrow4.png2008-07-19 Vancouver Ended up biking to Nanaimo and back, but ran out of time to make the actual hashpoint.

Arrow2.png2008-09-07 Vancouver A short bike ride away.

Arrow2.png2008-09-21 Vancouver An epic water sunrise geohash!

Arrow2.png2008-10-11 Vancouver A geohash close to the airport. With lots of candy. Yum.

Arrow2.png2008-12-03 Vancouver An irresistibly close geohash while avoiding studying for exams.

Arrow2.png2009-05-09 Bamberg My first geohash in Germany! In the middle of a field.

Arrow2.png2009-05-10 Würzburg Another German geohash, full of insanity. Those were steep and slippery hills!

Arrow2.png2009-05-21 Mannheim Geohashiversary 2009 in Heidelberg!

Arrow2.png2009-05-23 Würzburg Mouse Over Day 2009 in a forest!

Arrow2.png2009-05-25 Würzburg A close forest geohash on a beautiful evening.

Arrow2.png2009-05-27 Würzburg Thepiguy and my hashiversaries! Unfortunately in the middle of a field, but we got to just over 100m before no trespassing! I'm counting it as a success since I could easily have reached it, but respected the farmer's crops. Officially, some would say it's a failure.

Arrow2.png2009-05-28 Würzburg In a forest up a very steep bank (which Danatar found a way around, but Thepiguy and I just went straight up).

Arrow2.png2009-05-29 Bamberg Not in a forest! In fact, it was on a small road by a golf course!

Arrow2.png2009-05-30 Stuttgart In a forest beside a firing range.

Arrow2.png2009-06-02 Bamberg In a beautiful field! However, I became a geohashualty on the way home...

Arrow2.png2009-06-07 Kempten On the Eibsee, in a boat, with 8 other people, in a virgin graticule, ... (the list goes on)

Arrow2.png2009-06-24 Würzburg By Rottenbauer, my first geohash without thepiguy!

Arrow2.png2009-07-17 Würzburg A midnight hash in a field near Würzburg!

Arrow2.png2007-07-22 Würzburg Another midnight hash in a field near Würzburg!

Arrow2.png2009-07-25 Würzburg A 14km walk geohash to the "Flugplatz Würzburg-Schenkenturm" (a small airfield).

Arrow2.png2009-08-28 Bamberg Right beside a highway on the way to the Big Berlin Meetup. Ultrahash part 1/4.

Arrow2.png2009-08-28 Erfurt In a remote forest on the way to the Big Berlin Meetup. Ultrahash part 2/4.

Arrow2.png2009-08-28 Halle (Saale) In the middle of a harvested field, just past sunset, on the way to the Big Berlin Meetup. Ultrahash part 3/4.

Arrow2.png2009-08-28 Erfurt In a harvested field, at night, on the way to the Big Berlin Meetup. Found evidence of a previous geohasher (Ekorren). Ultrahash part 4/4.

Arrow2.png2009-08-29 Berlin The Big Berlin Meetup! Twelve people from around Germany meet in a forest.

Arrow2.png2009-08-30 Dresden In a harvested field with a beautiful view on the way back from the Big Berlin Meetup. Monsterhash part 1/5.

Arrow2.png2009-08-30 Leipzig In a forest near former railway tracks on the way back from the Big Berlin Meetup. Monsterhash part 2/5.

Arrow2.png2009-08-30 Chemnitz In a harvested field, overlooking a picturesque lake, in the Czech Republic, on the way back from the Big Berlin Meetup. Monsterhash part 3/5.

Arrow2.png2009-08-30 Erfurt In private property in the small town of Buchau, on the way back from the Big Berlin Meetup. Ambasador geohash! Monsterhash part 4/5.

Arrow2.png2009-08-30 Schweinfurt In a hillside meadow on the way back from the Big Berlin Meetup. Monsterhash part 5/5.

Arrow2.png2009-09-03 Bamberg On the edge of a road in Winterhausen. My first bike geohash (and first time riding a bike) since the geohashualty!

Arrow2.png2009-09-06 Würzburg Just into a field near Zellingen. Another bike geohash.

Arrow2.png2009-09-13 Bamberg In a forest by Hundsfeld, which is by Rothof, which is near Rottendorf. Biked most of the way home in the rain.

Arrow2.png2009-09-14 Fulda Right on the edge of a field by Elfershausen-Trimberg! Three horses watched us. WARNING: Graphic pictures included of a dead deer found at the exact hashpoint (not joking).

Arrow2.png2009-09-20 Würzburg In a grassy area, just off the path, in Rottenbauer. A very easy geohash!

Arrow2.png2009-09-27 Paris Admitted to the area by a drunken French man who liked to talk!

Arrow2.png2009-09-30 Northampton Took the train from London to Flitwick, then got a ride with Benjw for the last few km!

Arrow2.png2009-10-02 London West Took the train to Stonehenge in the morning, but detoured to Reading on the way home for a geohash!

Arrow2.png2009-10-03 Swindon An ambassador picnic hash in a farmer's field, near Winchester!

Arrow5.png2009-10-03 Swindon A retro hash done to Sermoa's 2009-08-30 cubicle geohash.

Arrow2.png2009-10-12 Würzburg Canadian Thanksgiving 2009 in a field in Germany!

Arrow4.png2009-10-24 Szombathely A failed geohash in Austria, south of Vienna. A private residential community beside a private lake.

Arrow2.png2009-10-31 Bamberg Halloween geohash! A cold bike ride to a sugar beet field.

Arrow2.png2009-12-13 München A final German geohash, in the snow!

Arrow4.png2010-05-21 Surrey Geohashiversary 2010 on a mountain near Vancouver. 11 person meetup!

Arrow5.png2010-05-27 Vancouver A retro hash on my hashiversary done to my very first geohash (2008-05-27).

Arrow4.png2010-06-13 Vancouver A No Trespassing geohash in Squamish on a beautiful day.

Arrow2.png2010-07-01 Vancouver The Vancouver graticule blesses us with a true Canada Day miracle!

Arrow2.png2010-08-12 Vancouver On southern Wreck Beach. On the way home, I barely avoided becoming a geohashualty (yet again)...

Arrow2.png2010-12-19 Calgary SW In a snowy field near St. Mary's College.

Arrow2.png2011-05-06 Toronto On my moving day, less than 2.5km from the IKEA I was at.

Arrow2.png2011-05-08 Toronto A Mother's Day geohash with my Mom, on the way to Niagara Falls.

Arrow2.png2011-06-19 Nürnberg A less than two day visit to Würzburg leads to a geohash in the Nürnberg graticule with Danatar!

Arrow2.png2011-07-11 Toronto An easy geohash in a Costco parking lot, near Downsview Airport.

Arrow4.png2011-08-29 Port Alberni An attempted geohash on the way to Tofino, foiled due to lack of construction radio equipment.

Arrow2.png2011-10-01 Toronto A fall geohash near Kipling Station.

Arrow2.png2011-12-22 Calgary NW A quick and easy geohash while home for the holidays in Calgary.

Arrow2.png2012-07-15 Bourg-en-Bresse My first back-in-Europe geohash, near the French/Swiss border and the commune of Challex.

Arrow2.png2020-10-19 Geneva A cubicle geohash honourable mention, within the CERN LHC and SPS rings.

Graticules Visited

Chronologically listed, bold for home graticules, underlined for virgin graticules.

Arrow2.png One or more successful expeditions: 26

Arrow4.png One or more failed expeditions (no successes): 2

Arrow2.png(49,-123) Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2008-05-27

Arrow2.png(49,-122) Surrey, BC, Canada: 2008-05-31

Arrow2.png(49,10) Bamberg, Germany: 2009-05-09

Arrow2.png(49,9) Würzburg, Germany: 2009-05-10

Arrow2.png(49,8) Mannheim, Germany: 2009-05-21

Arrow2.png(48,9) Stuttgart, Germany: 2009-05-30

Arrow2.png(47,10) Kempten, Germany: 2009-06-07

Arrow2.png(50,11) Erfurt, Germany: 2009-08-28

Arrow2.png(51,11) Halle (Saale), Germany: 2009-08-28

Arrow2.png(52,12) Brandenburg, Germany: 2009-08-28

Arrow2.png(52,13) Berlin, Germany: 2009-08-29

Arrow2.png(51,13) Dresden, Germany: 2009-08-30

Arrow2.png(51,12) Leipzig, Germany: 2009-08-30

Arrow2.png(50,12) Chemnitz, Germany: 2009-08-30

Arrow2.png(50,10) Schweinfurt, Germany: 2009-08-30

Arrow2.png(50,9) Fulda, Germany: 2009-09-14

Arrow2.png(48,2) Paris, France: 2009-09-27

Arrow2.png(52,-0) Northampton, United Kingdom: 2009-09-30

Arrow2.png(51,-0) London West, United Kingdom: 2009-10-02

Arrow2.png(51,-1) Swindon, United Kingdom: 2009-10-03

Arrow4.png(47,16) Szombathely, Hungary: 2009-10-24

Arrow2.png(48,11) München, Germany: 2009-12-13

Arrow2.png(50,-114) Calgary SW, Alberta, Canada: 2010-12-19

Arrow2.png(43,-79) Toronto, Ontario, Canada: 2011-05-06

Arrow2.png(49,11) Nürnberg, Germany: 2011-06-19

Arrow4.png(49,-124) Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada: 2011-08-29

Arrow2.png(51,-114) Calgary NW, Alberta, Canada: 2011-12-22

Arrow2.png(46,5) Bourg-en-Bresse, France: 2012-07-15

Arrow2.png(46,6) Geneva, Switzerland: 2020-10-19

I've visited enough graticules in Germany that I figured I'd make country and region maps. Click here to see them!

Geohashers I've Met

Chronologically listed:

  • 2008-05-27
    • Thepiguy: We went geohashing together on our first expedition.
  • 2008-05-31
    • Unknown Guy: He stopped by, in his car, for all of ten seconds. Didn't give us a name before driving off. He was running off to work.
    • Warren: Rode his motorbike from Bellingham.
  • 2008-09-21
    • Robyn: Met her before dawn, in time to inflate rafts for a water sunrise geohash!
  • 2008-12-03
    • MylSh: Dragged him along to the geohash. He's gone on a few others since then.
  • 2009-05-09
    • Danatar: Met him in the middle of a field during my first geohash in Germany.
  • 2009-06-07 (Eibsee Expedition):
    • Zb: Saw me looking lost in the München Hbf and led me to a good place to get pastries. Then we waited for the others to arrive.
    • Dawidi: Recognized him next in the München Hbf, thanks to his awesome geohashing shirt.
    • Hans: Arrived with Dawidi, and he was the next I saw at the München Hbf.
    • Tomcat: Also arrived with Dawidi and also met him at the München Hbf.
    • Ekorren: Next to arrive at the München Hbf, with Danatar and Thepiguy. He led us to a couple geocaches too!
    • Baerenfell: The last person I met at the München Hbf.
  • 2009-08-29 (Big Berlin Meetup):
    • Jerrome: The first new person I met at the Berlin Hbf.
    • Relet: The second new person I saw at the Berlin Hbf.
    • Lyx: The third new person I saw at the Berlin Hbf.
    • Davidc: The fourth new person I met at the Berlin Hbf.
    • Pari: The fifth new person I met.
    • JUB: The sixth new person I met.
    • Hessophanes: The seventh and final person I met.
  • 2009-09-13
    • Hermann: Met him at the Würzburg Hbf. He came all the way from Hamburg!
  • 2009-09-27
    • Xore: At the Paris hashpoint, though he arrived after closing time. A fellow North American in Europe meetup!
    • NeThuS: Also too late for the closing time, but still met him! He arrived as we were leaving, and has the newer version of my DSLR.
  • 2009-09-30
    • Benjw: At the Flitwick train station.
  • 2009-10-02
    • Sermoa At the Reading train station. She has an awesome google phone, and knows how to use it!
    • Macronencer At the Reading train station, beside Sermoa. He has an iPhone, and knows how to use it!
  • 2009-10-03
    • DavidMiller, along with his wife and children, in Winchester.
    • Mapaholic at the hashpoint. He arrived while the farmer was confirming our insanity!
  • 2009-05-21
    • Elbie at UBC, en route to the geohashing day 2010 festivities. Known her for years, but finally "met" her while geohashing!
    • Arbron, gracious enough to give us a ride from UBC to the bottom of the mountain.
    • Wade, while preparing to hike the mountain.
    • Rhonda, also preparing to hike the mountain, and started out in bare feet.
    • Yangman, preparing to hike the mountain with a full backpack. He was prepared.
    • Denise, a passenger of the third vehicle and a first time geohasher.
    • Kyle, the driver of the third vehicle, and a first time geohasher.
  • 2010-06-13
    • air384 we knew each other for many years, but this was our first expedition together.

I knew several other UBC geohashers, but I've not been on a geohash with them, so their names are not on the above list.


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