From Geohashing

Busy the past months with being home and now school, also my bikes been in the shop. Should be back out and making it on random adventures soon, especially border hops. See y'all at the hash!

Contact: weberw at

Failed Attempts:

  • "North Cascades National Park" N48 W121 - 6/25/08 - Failed due to too much snow on the road. Got within a couple miles.
  • Bellingham, WA - 6/27/08 - Attempted on the way back from Burlington, and couldn't find the correct road that was on my map which i didn't bring. Didn't feel like hiking through the brush and private property to find the point.
  • Bellingham, WA - 6/28/08 - Failed due to private property restriction. Woman was nice enough about it, but wouldn't let me on the property.

Geo hashes attended:

Achievements earned:

  • Land Geohash
    • Bellingham, WA - 5/31/08
    • Surrey, BC - 5/31/08
    • Anchorage, AK - 6/17/08
    • Surrey, BC - 7/05/08
  • Border Geohash
    • Surrey, BC - 5/31/08
    • Surrey, BC - 7/05/08
  • Double Geohash
    • 5/31/08 Bellingham, WA and Surrey, BC