2008-05-31 49 -122

From Geohashing
Sat 31 May 2008 in 49,-122:
49.0374871, -122.2812665

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The location today was between two houses in Abbotsford.

Successfully Reached

Upon arriving, it turned out that the exact coordinates were on a hedge separating the two houses. As to not actually trespass on private property, we just took pictures nearby (~30m away). The following individuals made it (in order of arrival):

  • thepiguy
  • srs0
  • A guy who drove by really quick on his work break (around 16:15)
  • Warren from Bellingham who had already visited another geohash earlier that day!

We received many strange looks from people driving by, but it was totally worth it!

Pre-date Discussion

The location is between two houses in Abbotsford. thepiguy and srs0 (from the Vancouver graticule) are planning on meeting, and hopefully others will join in! There's a park nearby where we're planning on actually gathering (so that we don't have to spend long between the two houses). The park is a block or so to the West, and there appear to be parking spaces on Fern Street.

Transit instructions(from Vancouver)

Go to Surrey Central Station and take the #502 bus to Aldergrove(272nd St. & Fraser Hwy.). Transfer to the #21 bus(You will need another fare($2.25), as it is on a different system) and take it to Bourquin Exchange. From there, take the #2 bus to Huntingdon and stop on Marshall at Dahl Crescent(time of arrival est. 4:12 pm). From there it is a short walk to the hashpoint. However, due to bus arrival and departure times, it is impossible(or very nearly so) to visit the hashpoint and make it back to Surrey Central using buses, so you have to either arrange a ride, hichhike, or ask one of your fellow geohashers for one.



ValleyMAX(Abbotsford area bus service)