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This graticule is in the United Kingdom and contains the City of London, the West End, and many western boroughs of London. It also extends as far as Slough and Reading to the west, Luton to the north, and Crawley to the south.

Its territory ranges from 52° to 51° latitude, and from -1° to -0° longitude. When following the XKCD geohashing algorithm, append the fractional hash part to 51° latitude and -0° longitude. Note the use of negative zero.

Meetup planning

Please leave comments, plans and speculation regarding upcoming meet-ups here.




All geohashers are cordially invited to the 10th anniversary 2018 geohashing day meetup in the Cambridge UK graticule.






  • 20th October (Saturday) - A footpath in woodland just outside Winkworth Arboretum, south-east of Guildford; Benjw popped over while visiting family.
  • 12 June (Tuesday) - Mampfred, LadyBB and EmmJay tried to grab this hash on their way from the airport to their accomodation, but were thwarted by dense bushes.




  • 2nd October (Friday) - 4 geohashers made it to Highmoor Cross (near Reading) in what must be the western-most geohash in this graticule - on the -0.999 border. Had a great time!
  • 15th March (Sunday): A friend of Benjw visited and took pictures on Saturday morning, a day early. Benjw then visited on Sunday, the correct day.


  • 15th December 2008 (Monday): Amersham Road, close to Chalfont and Latimer Rail Station. Kate cycled from Uxbridge (and was super excited about a Northern Hemisphere Geohash!)

Considered geohashes

  • 2008-05-31 -- Kit 09:32, 31 May 2008 (GMT) - I'll probably come. Quite happy with the new location - it's a few metres north of the 's' in 'Monk's Gate' on this OS map and thus not far from a public path.
Despite lots of talking about it, Steve didn't make it.
The new location is in the middle of a wood (probably private) whereas the old one is just a few metres off a public foothpath!

Related groups

Local geohashers


Mildly active

  • RowanTree
  • MattLondon -- probably only points in London.
  • Tongs/B lives in central London and actively monitors this page for expeditions.
  • Saxbophone lives in East London and actively looks out for public-transport-accessible hashes within Greater London or nearby parts of the Home Counties to go to

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