2012-06-12 51 -0

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Tue 12 Jun 2012 in 51,-0:
51.2602417, -0.8510377

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Within a strip of trees in Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, UK.



The three above are on vacation in the UK and the drive from the airport to their accommodations is taking them past this hash with a little detour of 20 minutes or so.

Perfect start of a holiday.


The point wasn't quite as accessible as we'd hoped. We tried approaching it from two sides of the surrounding housing estates but the first side was completely fenced off (there was a hole in the fence but trespassing was something with which we didn't want to start off our holiday). The second side allowed us to take a little path toward the hash (and actually ending up right behind the fence we stood in front of earlier) but this path ended into some seriously dense and thorny bushes. Considering that we have a week of holiday before us and weren't exactly wearing our usual hashing clothes we aborted at this point.

We'll keep looking though, it would be a shame to leave the UK again w/o at least one successful hash :)

QuarterCacher, M and Ricki have since joined us in the UK (as we're actually attending the same event on the weekend) so between us we should be able to pull that off. Any UK hasher wanting to join us?


See here.