2014-07-12 51 -0

From Geohashing

Dan Q also wrote about this expedition on his blog. For more details and higher-resolution pictures, see this expedition's log at https://danq.me/2014/07/12/geohashing-expedition-2014-07-12-51-0/

Sat 12 Jul 2014 in 51,-0:
51.7788637, -0.8703109
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On the edge of a field near the village of Ford, outside Aylesbury.



I'm out in Aylesbury today, so I'll probably swing by the hashpoint late-morning/early afternoon, by car. Hopefully it's possible to get to it without climbing through any hedges!


I was in Aylesbury this morning for an interview, and I'd discovered last night that a hashpoint had appeared pretty-much right between my home and the place I was visiting. It was off the major roads by a little way, but the day was beautiful and I relished the opportunity to go for an explore, by ZipCar and on foot. And that's exactly what I got.

After driving through the village of Ford, I came to the end of a road and the beginning of a private driveway, and found a place to park. The locals looked at me strangely as I found my bearings and set off up a bridleway. Suddenly, I realised that the hashpoint was off to my right somewhere, so I hacked my way through some trees to get closer to it. The hashpoint turned out to be pretty-much exactly on the spot of a tree, at the edge of a field. Sadly, the tree was on the otherside of a barbed wire fence, covered in vines, but I was (with some effort) able to lean far over to "touch" the hashpoint-tree, as shown in the photos.

Later, I got stuck in traffic and almost delivered the ZipCar back late, but just barely made it, vacating the car just as the (very prompt) next occupiers turned up. Phew!