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Sat 11 Aug 2018 in 51,-0:
51.3385797, -0.3616675
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Oxshott Heath, Surrey, England, UK.

This location is Common Land —this means the public can freely roam within it, whether on the path or off, so the hash should definitely be accessible (yipee)!



  • Saxbophone plans to get the train out here from London, to arrive at 15:45. Oxshott Railway station is absurdly close to the hash, so 15 minutes should be more than enough time to make the 16:00 Saturday Meetup time.
  • TheOtterslider is also planning to attend. It looks like there's a car park absurdly close



I arrived by car about 10 min before the planned time. I took a wrong turn and missed the car park on the first go round. After parking I headed up a trail in the general direction. Conveniently, there was a trail that took me right by the hash. I walked around it, but decided not to touch the actual location due to a bramble of holly bushes on the location. I waited for Saxbophone till about 5 past 4 then decided to leave. As I was walking down the hill, we met up and went back to the location to take some pictures. We talked for about an hour about things and then split up. However, we missed a perfect opportunity for a PGP key singing. Top Tip: If you are planning a meetup, you should always ask and take advantage of the opportunity.

If you want to see full size images, check out my flickr gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/themaxsons/albums/72157670036646417


I took the London Underground to London Waterloo Station. Unfortunately, I timed this journey rather poorly and ended up missing my connecting train from Waterloo by mere seconds (I saw the train departing without me, a misery-laden image if ever there was one)! So I decided to grab a cup of tea and a snack in the station while waiting for the next train leaving at 15:33. I boarded this train without incident and arrived at Oxshott Station on time (according to the train timetable) but running late according to my own personal schedule. I then hastily walked the short distance from the station to the hash location and was able to catch TheOtterslider just as he was exiting Oxshott Heath —talk about good timing!

After discovering eachother we made our way back to the hash location, of which I am grateful that TheOtterslider had already successfully found the location as my GPS device did not have a clue where it was for some reason, despite apparently having good view of plenty of satellites. In the end I gave up trying to get a reading from my device and TheOtterslider ensured to capture the proof of our arrival at the hash. We the proceeded to have a proper good chat for an hour or so (unfortunately there were no refreshments to be had at the station that day but you can't have it all). We mutually lamented our neglect to consider the PGP key signing opportunity of a meetup such as this, but now we both know that each of us exists so we're one step closer to achieving that!




Saxbophone earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, -0) geohash on 2018-08-11 using public transit.
Saxbophone and TheOtterslider earned the Little Finger Handshake achievement
by meeting 1 other geohashers since 2018-08-11.