2015-12-16 51 -0

From Geohashing
Wed 16 Dec 2015 in London West, UK:
51.2672401, -0.6171747

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Next to a tree on Holly Lane, NW of Guildford, Surrey.


  • Benjw couldn't attend in person, owing to being 100 miles away at the time, but in his place he sent...
  • His friend, hereafter referred to as "R", who lives in Guildford and was happy to go for a run out in this direction.


When today's geohash was announced the previous afternoon, Ben saw that it was in a splendidly accessible place on the side of a road, very near Guildford where he used to live. Unfortunately work got in the way yet again and he was unable to take the day off to go on a frivolous jaunt. However, knowing that his friend R still lives in Guildford and likes to go running around the area, he sent an email explaining the point (or lack thereof) of the exercise, on the off-chance that she was free and interested in slightly random activities.

She was! Ben got an email back the following evening saying simply:

Hope these are ok. Got some funny looks from drivers!

Yep, welcome to geohashing. Four photos were attached, the first one of which seemed to be taken from bang on the hashpoint, and then three more as R continued north-east up the road, including one looking back towards the point. Perfect! R declined to appear in the photos herself (later pointing out that she was in the middle of a run and therefore not feeling very photogenic), but offered to go hashing on my behalf again in the future.

Photographic documentation


Benjw earned the Puppet Master Geohash achievement
by manipulating R to reach the (51, -0) geohash on 2015-12-16.
2015-12-16 51 -0 photo1.JPG