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Today's Location: Toronto, Ontario

The Toronto graticule is at latitude 43, longitude -79. It includes all of Toronto as well as a the surrounding areas. While most of the generated locations are reachable, the problem presented by Lake Ontario still arises occasionally. Citizens of the GTA, including those from the northern Aurora and Newmarket areas have been known to include themselves in this Graticule.

For those of you with Facebook accounts, a group for this graticule has been created here. Please feel free to join and upload any event photos and media there. If you are planning on scheduling any activities, or want to advertise a meet-up for a specific day, feel free to create a related event and invite your friends and members of the Geohash - Toronto group.

Water Issue

Because of the issue presented by Lake Ontario, if a day's graticule ends up being in the lake, a location on the nearest point of land directly west of the generated location will be used as a replacement meeting spot. Unless of course you own a seaplane, or a boat, or really enjoy swimming. In that case, go right ahead, and take photos while you're at it.

It has also been proposed that in this event we use the location in the Waterloo graticule directly west as a replacement. Which alternative is used for a particular day will most likely depend on the location and the number of people attending. Although a joint graticule meeting would be neat, perhaps in the future.


22-March-2014: Globalhash is in the next-door Waterloo graticule, about 55 km northwest of Brampton. Possibly accessible! - Google OSM



Local Geohashers

  • sbear is an active geohasher in Toronto, an admin of the Toronto Geohash facebook group
  • Zander no longer resides in this graticule (looking for a new facebook group owner)
  • MihaiG will not be attending (due to certain scheduling conflicts with the boss of the house).
  • Katrie is usually too lazy!
  • Spoonifur will be attending (distance/accessibility/other events depending).
  • Srie will be attending (distance/accessibility depending).
  • JaX da SmurF will be attending (distance/accessibility depending).
  • Sirdwong will be attending (mood/distance depending).
  • Curtis Mayhem will be attending (distance/accessibility/other events depending).
  • Tao will be attending (distance/accessibility/other events depending).
  • Angmar will try to make it to as many cool locations as he can.
  • Mfaraday will be attending, weekend/accessibility dependant.
  • Urbanpringle can make it if he tries and if it is on the ttc, generally.
  • Mady will sometimes be attending (distance/accessibility/other events depending).
  • Yehoshua will be there so long as there is local transit...or carpools!
  • Pilothaz will be considering some of the locations depending on where they are, and if free time is there.
  • Booberfish will attend when he remembers when within biking distance to UofT.
  • Splitdipless checks for achievable geohashes from time to time.
  • C4bl3Fl4m3 is completely new to Geohashing and splits her time between this graticule and the Washington DC west graticule.
  • Lessica is new to Geohashing, but will attend when time and transportation allows.
  • HiroProtagonist is studying U of T till April 2011 and will try to attend some geohashes
  • MuchJokes will be considering some of the locations depending on where they are, if she has the time, and if she remembers what day it is today.
  • srs0 is now at the University of Toronto and will attend geohashes as time permits.
  • Elbie is studying at U of T and will see what she can make it out to.
  • Prit Cire is visiting from the States and just learned of geohashing.
  • Sammi is new to geohashing, and will probably attempt geohashes if they are within Toronto and she doesn't have class.
  • SIGSTKFLT Can do any public-transit-able geohash in the Brampton area, but usually forgets.
    • My mom is in Newmarket, will probably get dragged along sometimes.

Non Local Geohashers

  • NWoodruff Has a daughter that lives in Richmond Hill.
  • Pedalpusher is from the Buffalo Grat and will be stopping in every once-in-a-while (generally) close to the border.


User:Splitdipless earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (43, -79) graticule, here, on 2009-05-23.