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Hi there

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I live in Karlsruhe, Germany, so I'm most active in 49,8 and 48,8.

I was an occasional xkcd-reader for a while now, but never bothered to read it from the beginning. In January 2009 I did, however, discovering Geohashing. The fact that I just got a phone with built-in GPS came in handy as well. On the following weekend, I saw that the Sunday Geohash was only 2 kilometers away from my place, so I decided to go there.

my Expeditions

(all visited hashpoints in Google maps)

Most distances of older expeditions were measured by retracing the route as I remembered it in Google Earth, the first two expeditions to Waldstadt and Neuburg were even retraced weeks after the expeditions took place, so these might not always be accurate. Note that the total distances don't add up, as expedition #3 has no data which part of the expedition was done by train or foot. I might remeasure that in Google Earth someday