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A field at the westernmost margin of the Oberes Gäu hills, between the villages of Stammheim and Holzbronn, which both are incorporated to Calw.



thepiguy made it to Tübingen by 10:30 where Ekorren and (surprise!) Koepfel were waiting for him. Ekorren gave them both a very quick tour of his home town ("You can see everything famous from one spot anyway") and they boarded the first train to their destination.

They arrived in Stammheim and with the help of Ekorren's wonderful map they began following the trail that would lead them right to the Geohash. At first is took along a few small roads that lead out of town. Next it lead them along and even smaller road that took them to the top of the hill. Next was the forest road that was covered in nothing but rocks, mud, and leaves (although it was apparently a jogging path). And finally a short walk next to a field only a few meters from the coordinates.

After the usual celebrations they continued onward to the train station of Bad Teinach. The station was only one kilometer away, as the crow flies. The elevation difference on this one kilometer however, was over 200 meters. Before beginning the descent, they stopped to visit what the map declared to be the ruins of a castle, but what turned out to be the ruins of a moat. The trail they were following turned out to be very interesting! It featured cliffs, sheer drops, hidden rocks, stairs and multiple ladders. Never the less, the three Geohashers made it safely back to civilisation! (if Teinach station even qualifies as that)


All of Koepfel's photos can be seen in this gallery.