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Tue 13 Oct 2009 in 48,8:
48.9677558, 8.3931876

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In a field in Karlsruhe's suburb Rüppurr, population 10.000.



Koepfel: Since this hashpoint seemed easily accessible, both from the east from Rüppurr and from the north from Weiherfeld, I decided to try a tron geohash. I started planning two independent routes there and back on the city map and left my house at 15:00.

Fluxkompensator: Initially I wanted to visit the hash around 13:30 which did not work out. So later on I decided to go there in the evening.



As planned, I left my home at 15:00 and biked through RIntheim to the tram depot at the Tullastraße, crossed the Durlacher Allee there and went on via Schlachthofstraße and Stuttgarter Straße, through a rather run-down neighbourhood. I then arrived in the Südstadt (south-city) quarter, at the Tivoliplatz, which is connected with the Kronenplatz (square near the university, where I started some of my expeditions) by the Rüppurrer Straße (Rüppurr Road), which I mostly use, when biking to the main station Today, I also had to bike past the main station and futher south, to Rüppurr, but since I was aiming for a tron Geohash, I had to avoid the inner city on the way there.

From the Tivoliplatz, I biked south under the railway line and then west along the backside of the main station adn turned left into the Ettlinger Allee, a rather large road leading South, through Ruppurr to Ettlingen. At the Südtangente, I stopped to photograph the large town signs, read the image description to find out more about them.

I biked along the Ettlinger Allee and the parallel Albtalbahn railway line, which one could also have used to reach the hashpoint, until Rüppurr Battstraße, where I turned right and after accidentally taking the wrong turn, resulting in a smaller detour (still tron-able), I crossed the Alb creek and found the Hashpoint on a grass field. I placed the marker and stayed until about 16:00.

Back home, I biked through Weiherfeld and Beiertheim, then via the main station. the Ettlinger Straße and through the inner city, which I avoided before, completing the tron geohash.

Here's the Tracklog (.gpx, .kmz, in Google Maps) of the complete expedition. The tracklog is off the road a couple of times, especially on the way home, when I rode between larger inner city houses. On the way there, the track even crosses itself once, when I had to stop abruptly at a traffic light. The GPS didn't realize I stopped and kept drawing the line halfway across the crossroads and then went back to where I was actually waiting. I can assure you, though, that I knew where I was going there and didn't cross my own path, as it's only like one kilometer from my house, so I should know the area,.

(more pictures)

Koepfel earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (48, 8) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2009-10-13.


I left my home at about 22:40 and cycled to the hashpoint which was 5 km in linear distance. On my way I passed the same "town sign" as Koepfel did. I reached the hashpoint after half an hour at 23:10. Believe it or not, I even found Koepfel's marker with only my bike's lamp, without having switched on the GPS device (which I did later on nevertheless). Before departing I had a look on his pictures and noticed that the hashpoint was directly besides a tractor track. I also took some pictures and (other than Koepfel) cycled back home the same way that I had come.