2009-10-23 49 8

From Geohashing
Fri 23 Oct 2009 in 49,8:
49.0450971, 8.3009777

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In a harvested corn field in Maximiliansau, a part of Wörth.



I looked up the coordinates yesterday. Easy to reach, about 15 minutes to walk from the light rail stop Eisenbahnstraße, not that interesting, though. As I did an expedition on thursday, I decided to only do this one, if Saturday offers any reachable hashpoints.

I finished my classes at the university at 15:30 on friday, hash-o-clock in my timezone. I looked up saturday's coordinates on my iphone, saw that there was one on the northern end of 48 8, so close to Karlsruhe. I didn't really zoom in on the map, since I had to catch the light rail train, a S5 from Karlsruhe Kronenplatz.

Back at home, I later saw that the 48 8 hashpoint for saturday is most likely in a private garden, so I didn't go geohashing on saturday, ending the consecutive geohash here.


The S5 left Karlsruhe Kronenplatz at 15:44 and arrived at Maximiliansau Eisenbahnstraße at 16:15. The stop is located right after the Rhine bridge.

From there, I walking towards the hashpoint, by the abandoned harbour of Maximiliansau. I saw several abandoned industrial buildings, aside from a few people, who biked by, the whole area seemed empty and decayed.

After a few hundred more meters, I found the hashpoint on a harvested corn field. The field was located near a Mercedes-Benz Truck plant in Wörth, which could be seen in the distance. Weather was typical autumn-weather: light-medium rain, fog, cold, resulting in a rather muddy field. I took some photos and left again, at 16:50.

On the way back, I discovered some overgrown rail tracks in the forest next to the harbour. I followed them for a few hundred meters, found another abandoned building and went back to the station to catch the 17:16 light rail back to Karlsruhe. Yet no light rail arrived. Only a local train drove by (didn't stop). Eventually, the S5 arrived at 17:31. Either it was 15 minutes late or the next train was 5 minutes too early. While I do understand, that a train that struggled through the crowded inner city of Karlsruhe might be delayed, a train coming from Wörth going to Karlsruhe should be on time. I arrived in Karlsruhe at 18:00.

(more pictures)