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Tue 11 Aug 2009 in 48,8:
48.8933175, 8.4837397

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In a forest near Spielberg, a part of the municipality of Karlsbad. Spielberg is connected to the Albtalbahn, line S11. It is only about 4 kilometers away from yesterday's hashpoint..



Just as yesterday, this hashpoint can be easily reached with the Albtalbahn.

The S11 is leaving from Karlsruhe Ettlinger Tor at 14:02 arrives in Spielberg at 14:39.

From Spielberg, it's about one kilometer by foot to the Hashpoint.

Expedition by Koepfel


As on yesterday's expedition, I used the Albtalbahn to reach the Hashpoint. Also as yesterday, I arrived at the stop Ettlinger Tor 20 minutes too early, as yesterday. After waiting the first 10 minutes, I was tired of standing at a noisy stop in the middle of the road, so I took the 13:52 S1 to wait the remaining 10 minutes in Ettlingen. There, I arrived at 14:14. After walking around in Ettlingen for a few minutes, I realized that 10 minutes were a shorter timespan than I expected and I hurried back to the station to catch the S11 to Ittersbach. At 14:40, I arrived in Spielberg.

Leavin Spielberg, I walked the one kilometer to the Hashpoint through the fields. A hundred meters from the hashpoint, I came by this barbecue area. As I didn't have anything to eat with me, I continued to the Hashpoint (I later found out the grill was also locked).

As opposed to the satellite imagery, which put the Hashpoint in the forest, the GPS said: On the grass, next to the field. I started with the chalk marker, but as it began to drizzle, I changed my mind to a paper marker. Not that it would hold that much longer, it it would have started to rain, but meh.

As I had about 30 minutes, until the next train would go back to Karlsruhe, I returned to the barbecue area and rested there. After a few minutes, I returned to Spielberg, where I took the 15:30 S11 home.

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