2010-07-30 49 8

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Fri 30 Jul 2010 in 49,8:
49.0236281, 8.1898671

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In a field near Büchelberg, a 900 inhabitants village.

Büchelberg is located on a large clearing and is surrounded by the Bienwald forest. See this aerial image of the forest, the clearing with the village in it is visible.



None really. I checked if there was a bus going to Büchelberg the day before.

During the morning, I had to write an exam at the university (this and some other exams were, amongst other things, the reason for 7 weeks without geohashing) and after I was done, I spontaneousl decided to go. I looked up some trains/buses and at 12:35, entered the S5 to Wörth.

Expedition Report


When the S5 arrived in Wörth, I had to change to another local train to Lauterbourg, which was already waiting on track 1. I left that train again in Berg, the village I also went through on 2009-03-30 48 8. On that expedition, I walked towards the French border, today, I took the bus (line 551). The bus rode through several small villages along the French border, eventually, it brought me to Büchelberg.

From the bus stop inside the village, it was about another 15 minute walk to the hashpoint. I left the village, walked by some fields and horse paddocks. I reached the hash by 14:20, it was just a few meters from the path, easily reachable underneath a tree. Placed marker, took photos and a video.

The next bus was going at 14:56, one hour after I arrived. I left the hashpoint and walked back to the village. For the way back, I didn't have to go through these small villages again, as I took the bus north to Kandel. Unfortunately, there was no connecting train back to Karlsruhe in Kandel for about half an hour, so I had to wait. Eventually, the Regionalexpress back to Karlsruhe arrived, it was a class 218 pushing recolored Silberling cars. It brought me back to Karlsruhe Main Station, from where I took the tram back to Durlacher Tor, arriving at 16:10.

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Koepfel earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 4 consecutive hash points starting on 2010-07-30.

Büchelberg, Wörth, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Plankstadt