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Inside a corn field near Wörth



Pretty close to Friday's hash. I even drove by it today. It's in Wörth, will be there at 16:00. Koepfel talk 22:57, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Further planning: Will go by Stadtbahn, as usual. Wörth Badallee/Mozartstraße seems to be the closest stop. Plan to take the 14:39 S5 from Marktplatz, arrives at 15:16, way more than enough time to reach the hashpoint by 16:00. Koepfel talk 23:20, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Expedition Report


Today's hashpoint was in Wörth, a town close to Karlsruhe on the other side of the Rhine. A 2-system tram line (S5) goes not far from the hashpoint, so at 14:25, I took a S2 to the inner city (Marktplatz) and waited for the S5. It took me from the inner city through several suburbs, changed into a train in Knielingen, crossed the Rhine, changed back into a tram in Wörth and dropped me off at the stoo Badallee. From there, the hashpoint wasn't far. I walked past a residental area and entered the field paths. Pretty much all field were growing corn, densely planted.

First, I tried a path on the south-western end of the hash-field. At 90° time, it was still about 60 meters to go, so I kept on walking, to the south-eastern end, a road next to the currently closed rail line to Germersheim. Aside from private gardens blocking the way to the hashpoint now, it was about 110 meters to go. So I walked around the field again, to the north-western edge. Minimum distance: 190 meters. On the north-eastern end of the field, there was no path, but dense undergrowth right next to the crops. I went in, only to discover lots of stinging nettles growing next to the field. Still, it was below the stupidity distances, so I kept going. At 90° time, at the edge of the field, it was less than 30 meters. The CheaperGPS geohashing app was flipping between there and not there. Going further might have been possible, but would have damaged the crops.

So I decided to stay out and wait next to the field until 16:00, only to realized it exactly was 16:00, when I screencapped the GPS. So I took the usual photos.and the video. I didn't leave a marker at the hashpoint though, as nobody would walk by here anyway.The area was surrounded by plants, only way to get here was to fight about 200 meters through nettles.

Eventually, I fought my way back out and returned to the stop, taking a S5 and tram 4 home the same way I got there, arriving at 17:30

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Koepfel earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
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Büchelberg, Wörth, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Plankstadt